Welcome to Sailor’s Rest, Established 2016


26 Durret Rd 2016

Yesterday we closed on our house here in Tennessee.  (psst any one want to buy a house in Wisconsin?).  I am proud to say we are the new owners of Sailor’s Rest, established 2016.  Yes that’s the name we chose for this place.  It’s already starting to feel like home.  A few tweaks of painting here and there.  Then it’s figuring out where to tell the movers to put our furniture. THEN the work of making it a home, settling in decorating begins.


Tale of the Dog and the Landlord

Dog in window

Let me start by saying our lovely landlord made an exception to allow us to be here with Miss Molly Dog. His general policy is no dogs but he was assured Molly is small and well behaved. Mike signed he’d be responsible for Molly’s behavior. So we got to be the first occupants of this lovely redone apartment that’s not an hour drive each way for Mike and out in the middle of no where for Mike. Continue reading

Excuse Me, Can You Repeat That?

Okay I’m a true GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) but apparently I’ve lost my ear for Southern accents.  (Oh and yes plural they are varied from the mountain twang to the Lowlands drawl to the Louisiana who has at least 10 of their own).   Continue reading