Freaky Friday – What Was It?

I chose this mystery because as a kid I viewed it in the Johnson City Mall. It was the mysterious Minnesota Iceman. The story of it and just what it was is so convoluted and twisted in the end I’m not sure what I saw. But dang I’m so glad I convinced my folks to spend the 25 cents for me to view it. Whatever it was I saw left a memory.

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Thursday Throwback – Army Mike Xmas


Thowback to 1971 – this is my husband trying out the Arm uniform but in the end he retired from the Navy.  I remember the icicles like that, Mom always liked putting them on our tree.  He looks anxious to get into the presents there under the tree.

Wednesday Words – The Eyes Have It

Emer Eye Care

Photo by Me

Some years ago I read a great essay about beginning writers trying too hard to make their characters unique.  It was called or referred to the Mary Sue archetype as the ‘violet-eyed heroine.’  As I worked to improve my characters from dialog to depth I also wanted physical appearance that was reasonable.  This means I want characters across a long story to have a good representative distribution of human features.  Eye color is one, as eyes say a lot for people in body language. They are the windows of the soul after all.  That led to research on the human eye.  Here’s what I found about eye color and it’s distribution in world population. Continue reading

Tuesday Thoughts – More Podcasts Worth a Listen


Blind Stenographer using dictaphone from the Library of Congress collection. The image has no known copyright.

My listening is as diverse as my reading. I’m not a big music person but I love a good story. So when walking, cleaning, driving, grocery shopping, or whatever you’ll find me listening to either an audiobook or podcast. I subscribe to around 30 podcasts at any given time. There are always new ones I’m trying out for those that podfade. Currently here are three I enjoy now – two are crimal based one isn’t but all are strange in an interesting manner.

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Monday Marginalia – Autumn In The Garden


The hydrangeas had dried beautifully made a dry bouquet for indoors.  Then when it started shedding Jack found them delicious!  So I tossed them.

The time had come when I was settled in our new home AND didn’t have a cast on my foot. It was fall and the garden needed some prep for the season. We did trimming back or the wild bushes so spring blooms would be dense, cleaned up the dead parts of things, trimmed back the irises (FINALLY) and generally got it back in shape. Here’s a few pictures of the day.

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Throwback Thursday – Photo Editing without the Shop


Happy Thanksgiving 1988 style! From my table to yours! This was our first Thanksgiving in Charleston. Yes, that’s two pictures of our dinner but for years they have been displayed in our photo album like this because it was our Thanksgiving as a couple. Oh and I still have the scarf but the style of wearing it has changed…