Tuesday Thoughts – Podcast For This Month’s Listening

These three give you plenty to ponder. Two are shows that both ficional and nonfictional.  Black Tapes is a fictional tale that sets itself as real – think Blair Witch style.  Generation Why goes into strange questions looking for information then triest to separate facts from fiction.  Finally the Trial Went Cold is all true, real cases that are cold but deserve answers.

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Freaky Friday – Finding Dulce Base


underground by Chris Frewin on Flickr. Who granted use under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic posted with photo. Thanks Chris!

Welcome to 2017 Freaky Fridays. I took a break over the holidays. Now I’m back with tales of an underground base that is uneasily shared between aliens and humans complete with a Hall of Horrors that were gentic testing results between earth life (including humans) and alien life. Apparently at one point the uneasy sharing of this base resulted in a shoot-out fight between aliens and humans. I’d not dived into these but noticed them referenced in fictional works. So I decided it was time to jump down this rabbit hole and see if I could come up with a theory on how this got started. So what did I find?

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Thursday Throwback – Cathage Snowman


Welcome to 1973 in Carthage New York.  It’s Mike there with his little brother Mike.  Now look at Mike’s face and tell me that Mark’s not going to be crying soon after being hit by a snowball. LOL!  Mark looks like he’s disgusted by the snow.  I know how you feel Mark I was glad to move back south.

Wednesday Words – The Real Root of Evil


Money by Keith Cooper on Flickr. He has graciously shared the image under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

We all know the saying “Money is the root of all evil.” But that’s a famous or should I say infamous misquote of the King James Bible. The real quote is

For the love of money is the root of all evil. ~1 Timothy 6:10

Money itself is just a thing it’s what you will do to satisfy your lust for it that can be the evil.

Happy Anniversary Mike!


Happy Anniversary to my partner in life. I’ve been Mary Louise Eklund over a decade longer than I was Mary Louise Bright. Sure marriage is work in some ways the hardest part for me were the seperations when he had to answer the needs of the Navy. I find every day life with him is so much more comfortable and right than without. I’ve always tried to support him in all his endeavors. I can firmly say he’s always supported me in mine even when he doesn’t understand why or exactly what I’m doing. Then again that’s love isn’t it letting each other be themselves and being stronger when you are together. So here’s to many more years with my better half.