Another GenCon, Another Year of Writing

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 Another GenCon is done.  It had no problem filling the newly expanded convention center.  I’d heard that attendance was up and honestly I believe it.  I’ve already marked my calendar for 16-19 August 2012.  Never too soon to start shopping for room deals in downtown.  Okay, okay it is now as the hotels won’t make reservations but 11 months in advance. 

One of the things I enjoy about GenCon isn’t really part of the Con at all but rather the setting.  I like downtown Indy.  I like running the human hamster tubes (skywalk they call it).  I marvel at the architecture that’s a captivating blend of old and new.  The train station is dear and lovely.  The stadium makes my blood flow for NFL season to start.  It all plays together to be part of GenCon for me.

This year it was evident Indy is sprucing up for the Super Bowl.  It’s coming to town in January. Just like Tampa did when I lived there a few years ago, Indy is putting on her best face.  It has one thing to overcome that Tampa didn’t – winter.  Still they are doing their best.  Bricks are going in roadways and walkways downtown. Ties in nicely with the brickyard at the Indy 500.  Additions to the skywalk are going up to connect with the addition onto the convention center.  Just think, the Omni will be closer via tube walking next year.

GenCon attendees took it in stride as pavement peelers roared under our hamster tubes and concrete dust made our eyes dry.  Sidewalks closed signs migrated with the bricklayers adding a morning maze effect to my walk to the convention center.  Over all it was just a sign of some growth, which in the tough times I was pleased to see.  Sitting outside at some restaurants during the day wasn’t attractive unless you were really into big machinery, tar smells, and dust but next year we’ll reap the benefits of the beautification.

As for the Con itself.  I attended many panels but found the one on screenplay writing the most interesting.  It was something totally new to me. Now when I shout out a script page number in a theater you’ll know I’m in the audience.  When learning about a new subject I’m always excited.  The other seminars I attended helped me refine my writing even more. It’s all part of growing as a writer.

I was glad to share my experience with Mike this year.  He enjoyed seeing what this GenCon thing was all about.  He caught the costume parade.  Tooled about the gaming areas, checked out the sales floor, and generally enjoying stopping for a beer and watching the crowd.  It was a relaxing weekend for him.  He slept in and did as he pleased. 

I’d be remiss in not thanking Jean Rabe for her 17 years of service to the GenCon writer’s symposium.  She’s made it the wonderful experience it is today.  Many writers in attendance and on panels owe her much thanks.  A wonderful lady who always has time to help another.  She’s retiring from managing the symposium this year and she will be missed.  The success of it is a tribute to her.

Sunday afternoon GenCon was over for another year.  Mike and I had lunch at Weber Grill before hitting the road home to Wisconsin.  Once we got going north on the highway I was out, asleep.  This time in a fully reclined position and comfortable.  Con wears me out but it’s a good kind of tired.  Even better if I can leave the driving to Mike and sleep on the way home.  Farewell until next year gamers and writers.


2 thoughts on “Another GenCon, Another Year of Writing

  1. Was this Mike’s first time to GenCon or to these types of Cons altogether? And yes the wheels are spinning with another idea over here LOL

    • Other than business conventions yes this was his first time. Which is odd to me because GenCon is business to me now THANK GOODNESS. I remember the boring conventions for RCRA, Mixed Waste Management, and NRC Regulations… ugh. Now fun is work and work is fun

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