No, no, I didn’t forget I’m here!

Yes this post is late. I know, I know, teach but I have an excuse from the doctor. Can I make it up?

I do apologize for being late but I’ve been battling strep throat that turned into scarlet fever. Yes, in the summer. Yes, at my age. No, I’ve not a clue as to why or how I got it. I blame Australia as it is winter there. I only know I want out of it! I’m on a second antibiotic and making progress.

During this whole process I’ve not had the energy to do much writing. At times thinking coherent thoughts and composing sentences has been a challenge. Yet, I needed a creative outlet. To fill this and add to my daily-to-do list (gosh knows I ignore enough on that now) I accepted the 365 challenge. That is- make a picture each day for 365 consecutive days. I was all serious in my fevered desire for an outlet that didn’t need words I even joined Project 365 over on Flickr and made my own Personal 365 set in my account. To my now non-fevered brain’s surprise I’ve kept this up for the last 10 days.

I know that you over there squirming in your chair is thinking, “Gee, that’s great Mary Louise but what does that have to do with this blog post I came over here to read?” My answer is everything. I’m still on drugs, but not fun good ones rather icky good ones. I’m still struggling to express ideas in word form but visual, that medium is working full bore. So I shall give you my 365 and why I took each picture.

Day 1

I Voted sticker  with image of an American Flag stuckon computer keyboard

This was recall election Tuesday in my district. We were the second round of recall elections in Wisconsin. I am not going to get political on you. (I’ve vowed not to do that or religion here.) I did feel my duty to vote and since I’d been on the first antibiotic for three days thought I wasn’t contagious. It took all my effort to get up, shower and get to the polls. I did it. I brought back proof I’d done it. I stuck it on my keyboard. Once I decided that I was doing Project 365 I made a picture of it. It represented what was the core of my day for that day.

Day 2

back side of a cardboard deer shaped target with funny angry face drawn on it

Meet Russell, this is his evil side. Aaron bought this silly deer cut out somewhere and named it Russell. Wanting Russell to have a face on both sides he drew this on the blank side. Being sick I was asleep in bed when Aaron got home. He put Russell on my desk for me find when I dragged myself to work the next day. It so happened the next morning Rappy, my greyhound, was leading the way into my office with me following. She yelped, jumped back, and cowered against me. Wondering what had spooked her (no I wasn’t afraid, let’s just say Rappy isn’t the sharpest tool in the doggie shed. She’s so dull you’d give her to at toddler as a play thing.) I flipped on the light. I cackled in laughter finding Evil Russell on my desk. So he became the photo of the day.

Psst here’s his nice side – Printed side of cardboard deer shaped target with deer face

Day 3

Close up of flower

I was feeling better or determined to feel better, not sure which looking back on it. Any way I wanted to go outside in the SUN! Our backyard beckoned. The black-eyed Susans were in bloom. So using my new camera on macro I sat on the warm walk and tried to get a good shot. I think I succeeded.

Black-eyed Susans always remind me of my Aunt Susan. She never liked the name of that flower. I can’t say I’d particularly like a flower named “Domestic Violence Mary Louise” either. Summers when I was young and would stay with my Granny Winnie, Susan and I would take walks up the lane. Sometimes with Granny other times just us. I remember one time Susan was picking black-eyed Susans and calling each one a different family name – we had black-eyed Mary Louise, black-eyed Winnie, black-eyed Dwight, black-eyed Gary, black-eyed Alan, black-eyed Sidney, and so on until she had big bouquet that included all her brothers, sister-in-laws, parents, aunts, uncles, and me. So my apologies to Aunt Susan, this one is a different Susan with a black eye.

Day 4

Tempted to ride away with them

We were getting low on food. I HAD to go out shopping. This was my Walter Mitty moment as I was leaving the grocery. I was chilling though it was hot. So I sat in the warm truck and opened my cold diet cola. As I sipped I watched a grocery store employee ride up on this thing with a chain of carts in front of him. He stopped at the cart corral just across from me and began sorting carts to get them ready to add to his string. I had a brief fantasy of running out there, jumping on that thing, revving it up and riding off like a stagecoach driver running from bandits! YeeeeeeHIIIII! I saw in my mind’s eye the bewildered employee standing there in his dark blue apron watching me go with his mouth open and brow furrowed. Then the moment was over. I was tired and wanted to go home. I put the soda in the holder, started the truck, and drove home.

Day 5

Greyhound lying on carpet staring into space with ears back

That was a blarggggghhhh day. I was wiped out and running a high fever again. I did nothing. Rappy’s bored sighs from her bed summed it up. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! So she stood in for my feelings.  I was paying for all that imagined cart riding excitement from the day before.

Day 6

Two metal book marks with beads to dangle outside the book

During all this time, Mike has been on active duty in Japan. Every night I’d wait on Yahoo IM for him to log in so we could voice chat. I didn’t feel like writing, picture surfing, reading, or any thing with the computer that night. I straightened out my jewelry stock for the Three Gem jewelry sales I do. Here are two bookmarks I made with a dolphin theme. Not bad. I think I’ll be selling some stuff on e-bay eventually and have to work out how to get good pictures of it. This was a start on that idea.

Day 7

Green, purple, and yellow beads in triangle dishes with necklaces of those colors draped over them holding flower charms.

Woot! I’d made it a week in photos. However with over a week in treatment I wasn’t feeling well or even much better. So I started beading. Since that’s what I was doing I made several photos of it (hop over to my flickr **points to right side there for link** to see more cool macro jewelry shots). I know I really don’t need more jewelry to sell but I have the material and I like making it. Finally, I realized my inventory on bracelets was low and started making those instead of necklaces or earrings.

Day 8

Coffee mug reads "Without My Coffee I'm Just A Zombie"

Woke up feeling undead. So undead I called the doctor’s office. Did you know the undead are hot? Yeah run about 101F unlike us cool living people. This was my mug that morning for my coffee. I thought it appropriate. Doc put me on a new antibiotic that makes me feel icky in a different way. Sometimes I ponder is the cure better than being a zombie with a sore throat and rash.

Day 9

 Close up of bowl with fork tines on the lower right

OMG! I’m ALIVE!!! I’m human NOT an an-ah-mule! Yes, on the second dose of the icky antibiotic I started feeling better, except for the warned side effects. I made myself dinner that night! It was a big bowl of veggie fried rice and it was wonderful! I ate at my desk waiting on Mike. I got to chat with him & went to bed feeling like the world was improving.

Day 10 – Today!

Black cat looks out bay window over spider plant

This morning I woke to find my daily picture waiting in the bay window. No it doesn’t have much to do with my day’s activities as I worked with the insurance company to try to get my house reassembled. (see this blog post to understand why my house needs reassembly). It wasn’t the best day as far as that goes.

Still he’s a handsome furry fellow and made a wonderful photo for today. He’s the trouble maker of my clowder. If there’s a crash he’ll walk out of the room nonchalantly and swear he heard nothing unusual in there. He had no idea what I’m talking about despite say dust from the broken vase clinging to his black fur.

So there you go – my last 10 day in photos. I’m not sure when I’ll do this again. Let me know what you think in the comments (points down below) if you want this to be a regular thing, if so how often. If you’d rather we never speak of this again and if so when we meet we’ll act like it never happened. Maybe you’d prefer this be just a one shot deal and for those really into it they can go to my flickr set… Just let me know. Maybe, just maybe we can make this a conversation rather than just me shouting into the dark of the internet.

Oh, I forgot to say if you are interested in the photos or the ones made those days but didn’t get chosen just click on the photos here and they will take you my photo feed where you can stroll around and enjoy seeing the sights.

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