How I Became a Bead Addict

It all started off innocently enough. I took up beading as a hobby. It was exciting. I could make earrings to go with those necklaces I have or I could make necklaces to go with earrings. Then I could make sets to go with shirts, outfits, ohhh the possibilities!

Tiny Beads working with beads as a hobby is exciting.

Working with beads as a hobby is exciting.

Also it gave me something to do while watching TV. Crochet was out according to my physical therapist. Well he did say I could do it occasionally but that I needed to find a hobby that required a variation of hand movement. So beading it was.

The beading was backing up. I didn't have an outlet.

The beading was backing up. I didn’t have an outlet.

Only it became apparent that my creations had filled my needs and were now backing up into a large plastic container. Yet I was addicted. I still beaded. I needed a hobby to do while watching TV. I can’t just watch TV. Really I go to sleep. I need SOMETHING to do.

So I started giving my new crafts as gifts. I mean already I’d stocked everyone with a crocheted scarf and a set of crocheted dishcloths. Now I was bejeweling my friends, family, and acquaintances. Heck, I’d taken them off my neck and give them to strangers just to cheer them up. Still I was beading faster than I was giving and they backed up even more. The only answer was to sell them.

The answer was to sell them but where?

The answer was to sell them but where?

Okay I needed to sell it. I wasn’t sure where. I investigated several things and thought something on-line was the answer. Well if I was going to sell them on-line the first step was getting decent pictures of them. Which started a long time of attempts that didn’t satisfy.

Metal dolphin bookmarks with beads.

Photo attempt that didn’t satisfy

I couldn’t get lighting I liked. I couldn’t get a background I liked. I couldn’t get the detail I wanted. **sigh** Still I continued beading. I was making more jewelry and by this time all my friends were now overwhelmed with necklaces and longing for the days of scarves and dishcloths.

and kept collecting more finished projects.

Still I kept on beading…

I considered possibly selling the jewelry at the Harbor Market downtown on the weekends. Yet really did I have enough for a whole booth? Would I sell enough to make something after the booth and tent fee? I wasn’t sure. I shared my concerns with another beading friend to find she had the same issues, still beading, had given it to everyone and their cat’s cousin, needed an outlet for it. She also knew a friend who was in the same boat as us. She had the idea that the three of us could split the costs so it wouldn’t be too much for any one person. The three of us could fill a booth. So Jean got the ball rolling by booking us in a local craft fair and a Harbor Market.
The Three Gems was born.

The Three Gems at their first craft fair

The Three Gems at their first craft fair

So my two friends and I started the craft fair season. We didn’t know we were on a large learning curve, emotional roller coaster, and adventure. My next post will share some of the things we learned along the way.

That was how my beading hobby became my craft fair hobby. I by no means turn a profit, at least not yet. My hope for this isn’t to make money but to break even. Support my beading addiction so it’s not a burden on my family. So they don’t send me to Changes to get me off pressed glass and semi-precious stones strung on tiger tail wire.

And my beading addiction continues to this day.

And my beading addiction continues to this day.

Yes I’m still beading just like I still want to hear from you. You can comment here or any of the other places I lurk on the net. Just look for my name and you’ll find me on Google+, Twitter, Flickr and Yahoo. You can e-mail me any time at either of my accounts marylouiseeklund at either gmail or yahoo. If you just like this but don’t have anything to say hit one of the share buttons and then rate me. I love feed back! Let me know what you’d like to see me write about I’ll see what I can do.

As always I hope life treats you well until next time

2 thoughts on “How I Became a Bead Addict

  1. WAAAAY back when I was young, I used to bead. Now I sometimes alter jewelry I have purchased to better suit me. I’m too lazy to actually make anything from bits anymore.

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