Improvements in 2012

A new year is on its way, giving us a reason to do year in review. I look back on the last year of this blog and see I didn’t make the most of what I had.

Aging greyhound looking worried

Rappy was worried about my under utilization of my blog

I want to change that in 2012. The first thing I did is read up on blogging advice. Let me tell you, there’s no shortage of it out there. There’s books, websites, and even blogs on how to blog. I jumped in reading here and there. Trying to glean commonalities from all them. Honestly there was very little.

my desk with ball as chair

Post on a regular basis, yeah I can do that

Post regularly – whatever the interval I decide post regularly. That was the most often mentioned point in all the advice givers. Okay I got that, I fell down on it last year. I hate to set the goal of daily but it’s what I yearn to do. However I will set a goal of AT LEAST monthly. There that leaves room to strive for the daily goal but still set myself up for success.

View of Face Rock at Pipestone National Park

Focus, can be limiting

Focus – Oh heck several say pick a topic and stick to it. If you want to chat about multiple topics make multiple blogs. I’m sorry that might be fantastic advice but it’s just not me. I get bored with single themed blogs. I get bored just talking about one thing. I don’t see it as focus but limitation. I like diversity and have worked hard in my life to embrace all aspects of myself. So this ain’t gonna happen. Consider me stuck in the variety show format. Tune in here to see what act comes next song, dance, stand up comedy, dramatic piece. My focus is to entertain us.

Mess when the office was being redone

Oh I can’t stand clutter, really I can’t

Simple layout – okay a few mentioned don’t over clutter your page. No problem there. I won’t. I don’t like clutter. Like I said in the real world I can’t think in clutter, in the virtual world I can’t take visual clutter.

Mr. Boots Red and Miss Mo in the chair by my desk

Cats all blogs need cat pictures

Define why you blog – I blog to share, to entertain, to wave at the universe as we take a ride around the sun on this big ball. Good enough?

Cover Steampunk'd

Wanna buy a book? C’mon buy a book with one of my stories in it!

Self promote – Well I’m not one to be schlepping all the time. I hate people who just do that on social media. They only tweet to sell me something. Pfft I want that I can watch tv they do it every few minutes. Best I can do is post the link to my latest blog in my other social media. I’ll try to remind people they can subscribe by rss & e-mail. That’s about it. Since I don’t like people always selling to me I’m not comfortable doing it to others.

Mike looking startled at spider decoration Leu Gardens Halloween

ME controversial?

Be controversial – Oh lordy – that’s NOT me. Yes I have political opinions mostly leaning liberal if you want to know. Yes I have a religious view but that’s personal between me and what I consider divine – none of your business just as I consider yours none of mine.

I’m here to have fun and hope you are here for that too. I’m not here to debate, get snarky or any of that. Here it’s the we all get along, live and let live. Life is too short to not enjoy it and arguing isn’t enjoyable to me.

In the end what did I decide for my blog for 2012?

Multiple versions of Boba Fett at GENCON 2011

I need to become more tech savvy about WordPress but not THIS tech savvy

First off I need to become more proficient at using WordPress.

Second I need to post here regularly. I think I will post at least monthly. My plan is to come here more often with small thought posts instead of Google+.

Mall of America Escalators

I’ve got topics coming and going, jump in see what’s interesting to you

Third this is a smorgasbord of topics, just like life. I’ll review comics that read regularly here. I’ll talk about writing and my struggle with it. I’ll chat about genealogy and family stories. There will be beading pictures and talk about how I plan to sell the backlog of what I make. Plus I’ll fill you in on what I’ve been doing with photos to illustrate. Heck I’ll try to include photos in everything just because I like pictures.

Holiday Dinner on the table

Smorgasbord Dinner

That’s about all I got. I’m going to here more often, chatting away about what interests me. If you like it share it with others. If you want to join in and chat feel free to comment here, on Google+ Mary Louise Eklund, on twitter @marylouiseeklund, flickr or email me marylouiseeklund at or

Until next time… take care and do say hi.

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