Counting Down To A New Year

Time to look back today. What made up 2011 for me? Big changes in some ways. Aaron graduated high school

Aaron graduating from Tremper High School Kenosha WI

Aaron The Graduate and the Lost Saturn Vue

and moved to Madison for his freshman year of college.

Aaron and Mike in Aaron's dorm room in Cole Hall

Moved into the dorm and needed money

While he was on his cross country senior trip, Mike and I went to Tennessee to move Mom & Dad from the farm

Arial shot of my parents land with the lot, driveway, and outlined in pen

Mom & Dad’s Farm

to a condo in town.

Front of the condo with their new Nissan Cube parked in the driveway

Mom & Dad’s condo

Not many pictures there because we were working hard. But here’s the condo with their new Cube, yes my parents have a Cube and LOVE it!

Our craft vendor tent with a customer

Three Gems on a beautiful Summer Saturday

I tried to make my hobby pay for itself. I think in the end I just expanded my bead hobby. Oh well it’s fun and I get to spend a Saturday every month during good weather outside with my friends.

Unkie on the porch of his house in the early 70s

Herbert D. Rolen

During the year we lost two beloved gentlemen from our families. Mom’s Uncle Herbert Rolen. We’ll all miss Unkie.

Mike's Grandfather

Dale McAllister

Mike lost his maternal grandfather Dale McAllister. We’ll miss Grandpa Mac and his ardent politics. He was what we call a yellow dog Democrat – meaning if even a stray yellow dog ran as a democrat Dale would have voted for the canine.

Well there was much more – plumbing problems that were fixed, dead vehicle that wasn’t but was replaced. New aliments diagnosed in the kitties and managed. Basically all the stuff that makes up the passing of a year.

Until 2012 my friends! You know where to find me, would love to hear from ya!

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