So I’ve Had Bad Luck Lately

We have gotten our first snow of the winter. It’s awful, all wet and cold per usual. Aaron was nice enough to shovel. But it’s still out there and they say more of it is on the way. Thus I got out my snow boots because it was time. I discovered the seal between the boot and the sole is broken. How did I discover this? I got cold wet feet when I walked outside. If I’d wanted that I’d gone out in my sock feet!

Bad picture of bad weather

Bad picture of bad weather

Then I came in to do some cooking to find the electric can opener didn’t work. Nope not a spin, just a grrr click grrrr click sound. I had to dig around to find the manual one. It skipped. You know it was so old that I think I used it in my dorm room in college. Well, with some effort it chewed open the cans.

Then the football playoff last weekend didn’t go so great. There’s not really a team in it now that I really really like. The Packers lost, the Bears weren’t in it, the Colts were so bad they couldn’t even BUY tickets. Saints lost. I’m left with trying to pick a team out of the four left. Eh, I’m lukewarm on three of them. Ravens I don’t care either way for.

Sunset on Gulf of Mexico from St. Petersburg Florida

All things being the same I’d rather be here

Today I set out to correct what I could of these. No use going to New Orleans or Green Bay to give them tips it’s over. But I could go replace the other stuff.

However there seems to have been a run on electric can openers in Kenosha. It took three stores to find one that had any in stock. While there I also got a manual one. Those troubles are fixed.

But I could not get snow boots. They were on sale being “out of season” items. The stores have already stocked up on selling me summer wear. I could get a nice pair of strappy sandals and some really cute shorts. However there weren’t any of the “non seasonal” snow boots in my size. Nope not in the three stores. They won’t be getting any more in until AUGUST. We all know that in JANUARY in WISCONSIN we need sandals and swimsuits but when AUGUST comes it’s time for snow boots! Go figure!

Me as a toddler looking sad with my Aunt Susan also a child offering me flowers

I’ve had a bad day there’s no making up to me for it. (That’s my Aunt Susan offering me flowers)

I was tired. I’d be able to open cans again. I’d have to stay out of deep snow and just wear my winter shoes until I could hit a few more winter sales to find boots. I was looking forward to getting home.

However my car died, just stalled dead in a busy intersection. No electrical to even run the hazard flashes. I couldn’t get it to restart. So after a full cycle of the light a crossing guard helped me push it to a parking lot. I was getting ready to search for a tow truck number when I tried again. It started. I was just a few blocks from home so I took off heading there. It stalled once more a few blocks from home but started right up. I got to the house.

Luckily the Buick dealer can look at it tomorrow. If I dropped it off today they’d do it first thing in the morning. I explained I didn’t have a ride home. No problem their courtesy van would take me home. Ahhh nice people easy to work with. Tim my personal service specialist was so helpful. John who drove me home was really nice. It was soothing after a bad day.

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico from Tampa Florida

My happy place… I’m at the beach relaxing… all is well… just listening to the waves… watching the sun set

I got home. I can open cans. The sidewalks are shoveled so my winter shoes will do for now. The car is where it can be repairs. So all in all things are looking up. Still I’d rather be on the beach with a cold drink all other things equal.

As I usually say in my closing I’d love to hear from you. You can comment here, it’ll show up when I get it. You can say find me on Google+ (+Mary Louise EKlund) or Twitter @marylouiseklund or on Flickr (where the picture are linked). If those don’t suit you, you can email me as marylouiseeklund at either or

Until next time!

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