Yesterday, A Day With No Internet

Stop SOPA and PIPA Blackout

Stop SOPA and PIPA Blackout

Yesterday, like so many I went black from the internet.  I thought I’d have withdrawal pains. But I didn’t. No I had weather front pains but not internet withdrawal pains. However a point had to be made SOPA and PIPA are dangerous. I’m not for pirates I am for artists. Heck I make my money from copyrighted material that’s mine. I support protecting that totally! However I also make my money expressing myself which I don’t want limited. Apparently the sponsors of the bills got the message.

I worked on my outline update for the steampunk novel edit/rewrite. I read a book. I cleaned the bathroom. All good and worthy things I could do without the internet.

Adam wears one of my aprons and Aaron makes an odd face

Aaron and Adam cook

Then I called to make an appointment for a massage. The very best Christmas gift I got was a certificate for 6 one hour massages. Now that I’m over the stomach bug and aching from weather fronts I thought it was perfect time to call. I was expecting to schedule one for next week. But nope she had an opening at 2pm. With a bit of scurrying (shaving my winter legs among that) I was there. Best massage of my life! She did a full hour and half! I left totally relaxed.

She smiles holding up a spatula while tending an electric skillet of  pancakes

Sara, Mistress of Pancakes

Then I came home to Aaron and friends preparing dinner for Mike and me. Our anniversary was the 17th and we went out. So our gift from Aaron was he’d make dinner. It was breakfast for dinner. There were six of them in the kitchen cooking away.

While waiting Mike and I were talking about the Italian ocean liner that sank. The liner captain that in my Navy Captain husband’s view was a criminal for his negligent actions causing the sinking and abandoning his post during the evacuation. Mike wanted me to hear the Coast Guard shouting at the man to get back on his ship and coordinate the evacuation efforts. I said I’d read about it on the 17th. No I needed to hear it, hear the Coast Guard’s voice and the anger in it. “Google it,” he said. I told him I couldn’t and I was blacking out the internet in my life for the day for a purpose. It was the first thing I searched for this morning and yes that man was pissed. I don’t speak Italian but it’s plain that man is pissed.

Sunset from our rented sea front condo in the Tampa Bay area.


So after a wonderful dinner being so darn relaxed I couldn’t keep my eyes open I went to bed at 8pm and slept like a rock. I got up at 8 am to a new day with internet, still full from dinner, news the SOPA and PIPA bill sponsors had abandoned it, and joints that move more smoothly. Really I can’t think of a better internet blackout day – except one with a reliable car.

As usual I’d love to hear from you. You are welcome to comment here. It’ll show up when I get it. You can also find me on Google+, Twitter (@marylouiseklund), or Flickr (click on the photos). If you want to email me you can at or I’m marylouiseeklund on either one.

Until next time!

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