Cinderella Needs HIS Pants

After walking the dog today I came home and hit the shower. Okay after my walk today I did that. Rappy is getting old and doesn’t walk as far or as fast as I like to. So I walk her a few blocks bring her back, put her in the fenced in yard and go do my walk. Then when we go in the house after that I shower. Which makes my daily shower about eleven in the morning. (I walk after morning writing.)

Now the stage is set for my tale.

I was in the bathroom all ready to step into the shower when the front doorbell rang. So I was in the decision mode of do I step into the water or do I get out, get dressed and go to the door. Eh probably my monthly comic delivery I decide so it’ll be on the porch. The UPS man puts my packages on my glass porch but rings the door bell to let me know of the delivery.

I step into the water. As I am about to lean back and wet my hair the doorbell rings again. “Eh screw ’em,” I think. A true luxury thought I’ve not had in 18 years. When you’re a mom and receive an unexpected call or doorbell ring dire injury to your child is the first thought. Now he’s in Madison on his own and doing fine, I can think “Eh, screw ’em” without fretting that I’m leaving my child alone to face some dire consequence.

While in the shower I remember one other time I couldn’t go to the door because I was in the bathroom. It was 1995. It was before the mother worries. It was the day before the Navy Birthday Ball in Battle Creek Michigan. We were living in Kalamazoo Michigan at the time.

I can’t remember how it all came about but Mike’s uniform with the cutaway dress jacket had an issue with the pants. We were waiting for the pants to be FedEx’d just in time to go to the ball. Without them he’d be pantless with those little shirt stays running from his shirt tail to the tops of his formal socks not a in uniform look for the ball.

Any way I was upstairs in the bathroom when the doorbell rang. I couldn’t get myself together and down the stairs fast enough knowing I was waiting on the all important pants. I got there in time to see the truck pull away. I ran out the door like a crazy woman waving and shouting after it but to no avail it kept on going. When I returned to the house I found a notice that they would attempt redelivery on Monday. NOOOOoooOOOOO!!! The ball was the next day SATURDAY.

So I call the 800 number on the notice. I get a nice customer service lady. I explain our problem. I said we’d even pay the Saturday fee to get them there Saturday morning. She said that might not be necessary she’d send a message to the driver since he’s still in the area and have him circle back. Relief flooded me and I thanked her profusely.

Now I sat on the stoop my hair drying in a mess waiting for the return of the FedEx truck I wasn’t going to miss it. In about fifteen minutes here it came down the street and stopped in front of my house. He ran out with the box and did the business of having me sign for it. I told him how glad I was that he could come back. He said “No problem but I have to ask just what did she mean by ‘Cinderella needs HIS pants for the ball’ as reason of urgent redelivery?”

When I finished laughing I explained. So here’s the picture of Cinderella in his pants and me laughing at his mentioning what the photo would have looked like if the FedEx didn’t have such good customer service.

Mike Eklund and Mary Louise Bright Eklund

Cinderella in his pants at the Navy Birthday Ball

So this time it wasn’t as dire. It was only political stuff as we are in an election year and have a recall going here in Wisconsin. I got out to my porch, clean, fully dressed but wet hair to find two different political fliers stuck to my door.

Oh well until next time. As always I’d love to hear from you. If you laughed at the post give me a like. If you really enjoyed it give me a follow.

Catch you next time!

6 thoughts on “Cinderella Needs HIS Pants

  1. Now this made me laugh! Was a wonderful way to start the day (yes I am catching up on my reading after an insane week at work)

    Thank you for sharing this and thank Mike for needing his pants for the ball. But I must ask… So who is the Fairy Godmother in this tale?

  2. So the doorbell idea on G+ and browsed over. I enjoyed the story. You never know what will trigger a memory. I know reading blogs often brings up memories.

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