Spring Is Here, I think it might stay

Today was a warmer day. I made a few more pictures of our garden. I’m always thrilled after a Wisconsin winter (even a mild one) to see color and greenery again. Here are a few shots of what’s growing in our gardens.

A new crop of Cat Mint (or is it Nip?) is on the way.

Soon the cats won’t have to get their high from the old dry stuff they’ll have tender fresh new twigs to maul.

pale yellow tulip blooms

Lemon Custard Tulips

Our lemon custard tulips are always the first to bloom. This year was no different. But my favorite is pictured next: the blue hyacinth. I’ve always loved their blooms more than the tulips.

Blue Hyacinth bloom

Beautiful in Blue

Just because it’s my favorite you get another one.

macro close up of hyacinth bloom

A close up makes it better

I like them so much I even enjoy the grape hyacinths but they migrate because squirrels like to dig them up. Ours are starting to spill out into our yard and our neighbor is enjoying a few. That’s okay since the squirrels brought us some red tulips from somewhere to go in our daffys on the side our house in exchange. Here’s both flowers.

Blooms with white trim on the blue bells

Now see aren’t they pretty.

I love the center of the red tulips.

Red tulip bloom with yellow center made by yellow at base of petals and yellow pollen dropped on the red petal

Look at the pollen no wonder my allergies are going.

That’s the garden tour for now. After I made these pictures Rappy and I went down to the lake. There I made pictures while the sun was shining. More photos from that tomorrow.

Aging greyhound looking over fence that divides flower gardens from vegetable garden

Rappy enjoys the tulips

That’s it for tonight. Take care, sleep well. Remember to give me a like if you liked the post and rate it with stars! Also don’t miss tomorrow’s lake pictures and the Southport Public Beach House here in Kenosha Wisconsin by following or you can sign up for e-mail notices right there in the upper right corner.

As always I’d love to hear from you feel free to leave a comment. It’ll so up when I get it and I check regularly. Until tomorrow!

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