Let Me Introduce My Entourage

Mike says he can always tell when I’m coming into a room because I’m preceded by my furry entourage. Currently there are four members, and yes at home you generally find them with me. Part of that is I work from home and they are social creatures, so we hang together. Part of it I like to think is because I’m the Queen, the leader of the pack, the big honcho of the house, you get the idea. To show no particular favoritism we’ll go in order of age with oldest first.

my female cat a long hair grey tabby

Miss Mo

Meet Miss Mo. Her name is Mohican because she’s the sole survivor of her litter. I’ll tell her full biography in her own post. However when Aaron was little he dubbed her Kitty Mo. Over the years it has become Miss Mo about the time the furry boys got their Mr. designation. Her position in my entourage is princess. She’s the most verbal of the entourage so she does announcements such as “The stinky dog is getting up and stirring up her doggie smell.” Now that she’s older there’s many “pick me up and put me_____ .” She’s arthritic now being old and can’t jump up on seats or beds as easily as before. So once we settle into a room like my office she might shout to be put on the chair next to me. Generally she brings up the end being knocked kneed and all.

The next two are brothers, litter mates even. So again in no particular order we’ll start with Mr. Boots Red aka Mr. I-eat-it.

 short hair black cat looks out the bay window over a spider plant

Mr. Boots Red

He and his brother were fostered by us and came named Puss & Boots. However when I got collars by chance he got the red one since the brothers look very much alike (more so when they were young) Mike took to calling them by their collar color. Along the years they got full names with Mr. on them.

His job is being the troublemaker. If there’s a crash in the room he’ll be the one casually strolling out tail up trying to look nonchalant. “What crash? You heard a crash?” He’ll dart around the entourage very unregal like –  much to the disgust of his very proper brother and Miss Mo. Also if there’s anything new he’ll eat it. You have to put ear buds in drawers because he’ll eat the cords and gnaw the buds. He’s the only cat I’ve ever known that will eat fruit. Thus his nickname is I-eat-it because that’s what he says when he encounters something “I eat it!” then he inspects it. He’s the least verbal of the felines but will speak if he feels he needs my immediate attention.

Black cat looking up while on screened in porch

Mr. Puss Blue

Meet Mr. Red’s brother Mr. Blue our gentleman feline. He’s the alpha among the animals of the house but defers to me or Mike in a very courtly manner when we’re present. He’s very nice and polite. He’s always tried to divide his time evenly among those humans in a room. He’d visit each person to sit with them. When I’m writing like now chances are he’ll be lounging on the back of my chair with his front paw on my shoulder. When he enters a room he always greets me with a short chirped “Meow-meow.” I do the same in return and it’s become a way I can call just him.

Red brindle greyhound with graying face hold ears upright while looking out the window of the screened in porch

Arapaho’s Ace

Finally one you saw yesterday Arapaho’s Ace aka Rappy. She’s a retired racing greyhound. She’s a very timid girl but over the years of retired life she’s come out of her shell. Still she’s the gawky large member of the entourage that always waits for the others to get settled in the room then she settles. She’s bossed about by the felines, yes a dog who made her living chasing small furry things on sticks cowers now follows the small furry ones in our house. Honestly she’s not the smartest animal I’ve ever known. Actually she’s one the slowest and simplest animals I ever met second only to Chatterbox (a cat I’ll tell her tale another day).

So that’s my in house entourage. From the gentleman feline to the demur simple greyhound. I love them all each has a special place in my heart.

As always thanks for reading. I’d love to hear from you feel free to comment or contact me. Also likes and star ratings make me smile. Until next time!

13 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce My Entourage

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    • Thanks! Miss Mo is lovely and still kitteny soft after all these years.

      Red (aka Mr. Ieatit) has to take medication daily and yes he eats it along with a chaser treat. Might as well use the quirk to my advantage.

  2. I wish we were closer as I’ve wanted to meet the furry family for years. But at least your posts let me know them from far away. Such a wonderful family (and the two leggeds aren’t that bad either)

  3. Nice to get an introduction to your ‘team”. I’m especially fond of cats. I had to put down a cat last summer and haven’t been able to think about getting another one since. I have always gone to the Animal Shelter for my cats. Isn’t it amazing how our pets have specific personalities.

    Great meeting you. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    • Yes each of member of my furry team has their own scratch and dent story. None were from the shelter but all were rescued. Oh yes I’ve had many furry paws walk in and out of my life each has left their own special mark and each had their own personality.

      Thanks and great to see you again!

  4. I love your homies! I have a black cat named Gato Neg and he is very similar to Mr. Boots. They could be long lost twins! I also have 2 dogs, another feline, 3 snakes and a tortoise. I don’t have an entourage but a mini-zoo.
    Lovely post today and so nice to meet your clan! 🙂

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