Let Me Entertain You

I’m here to entertain, you and me. I’m not here to state a political opinion. I’m not here to convert you to any thing. I’m not here to recruit you for any thing. I’m not here to tell you why you should think this way or that. I’m not here to comment on the news in any insightful manner. I’m not here for anything but sheer entertainment. I agree with Craig Ferguson an entertainer’s job is to entertain not lecture, make political commentary, or religious stance.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have political opinions. I do. I will discuss (not argue) them in private. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a religion. I do. I will carry out my worship in private. That doesn’t mean I don’t act on these things in my private life as a private citizen. I do. I have great respect for those whose calling in life are to be activist, politicians, religious leaders, and so forth. That’s not my calling. I’ll leave them to do what they do and I’ll do what I do.

photo of sunset over Gulf of Mexico with pink sky and silhouetted couple walking

Let’s just enjoy walking and talking together.

I create because I want to share a retreat from the hard things of this world with others. I create to make a connection with another for a moment when we both suspend disbelief and go for a ride on the story. I don’t know if the see the world the same way most of the time but for that moment when hopefully I bring that reader into the world of tale or image or enjoyment of a piece of jewelry, we share common ground.

When you come here or to my Google+ feed don’t expect to any op-ed commentary. You won’t get it. Don’t expect some religious statement or declaration. You won’t get it. What I hope you do get is a smile or at least something that took you away for a moment. I hope for the time we’re together you enjoy it.

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Let Me Entertain You

  1. Mostly I try to do the same. My mom always tells me to steer clear of touchy topics but sometimes I have to let a rant rip. I’m not trying to change anybody’s mind, just clearing out some space in mine so I can let the light back in. It makes me feel better; writing it in a journal just doesn’t cut the mustard sometimes. 🙂
    Love the photo!

    • Ahh yes I have a place to go rant where everyone nods and understands I’m venting. They do the same. I don’t do it here because that’s not what I’m here to do. Appropriate time and place for everything.

      Thanks on the picture. The sunsets there were spectacular! I loved them!

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