Let Me Introduce You to My Husband’s Mistress

She’s a few years younger than me and has had a bit of work done. He goes out with her on weekends. I have to honestly say I don’t mind I enjoy going along sometimes. No, she’s a 1966 Mustang Convertible, a classic car.

1966 silver Mustang convertible in our garage

Mike’s Mistress

She’s a new addition to the family. Mike’s been wanting a classic car for years. After taking care of what we had to take of and putting a little extra money aside regularly he had enough to go out shopping for what he wanted. When buying a mistress don’t go into debt for her, the wife won’t like it. So when this particular one came onto the market and we drove down to Chicago to see her – well the deal was set!

Behind the wheel of his Mustang

Mike’s a happy man

I have to admit following him home while he drove the Mustang and I drove his truck (aka the golden barge long bed w/4 door cab) I loved watching men react. They turn their heads to see her just as if she had boobs! LOL! One guy walking down the sidewalk stopped and turned around to watch her go by.

View of the road from passenger seat

Watching for reactions

Another thing I like is it gives me great gift ideas for Mike. You know anything to please the Mustang pleases him. She’s always wanting little baubles like floor mats, paint job (trying to convince him to change her color to fire engine red), fender cover for when he caresses her engine, car cover to keep her warm in the garage over long winters (YES he wants a cover for IN the garage). Lots of little things like that.

freshly painted motor with blue parts

What’s under the hood?

Yesterday he changed her oil and we went for a drive to fill her up with high octane. No she doesn’t eat for cheap. After all how many mistresses do you know that go to McDonalds when there’s a table at a five star restaurant that needs filling?

Passenger interior with multiple Mustang logos

Oh lookie non-electric windows, work even when the engine is off!

Though there are little things about her that bring back my childhood memories. Crank windows are one of those things. The little front triangle opera windows are another. I was never allowed to open them as a kid but I can remember Mom opening them to get a breeze without blowing her hair. No air conditioning, yes most cars when I was little didn’t have it and really who needs it when you’ve got a convertible.

small triangle window passenger side

Still can’t operate it because Mike says it’s sealed now and opening it would make it whistle when closed.

The other thing that pleases me are all the reminders you’re riding in a Mustang. The leather seats have running herds of Mustangs embossed in them. The mats have a Mustang on them. The of course the usual logo locations have the tri-bar and Mustang. Just in case you forgot you’re riding in a classic.

embossed Mustang herd in the leather of the seats

How many Mustang horsepower is that seat?

The mistress and I get along fine. I know if there’s an emergency and the other two vehicles are gone (say one with Mike and one with Aaron) she’ll get me where I need to go. I enjoy riding along and watching the reactions. I can’t wait until warm weather and we actually get to put the top down! Here’s a few more glamour shots of her.

Dice are hanging from the rear view mirror

Fuzzy Dice a gift from my Mom & Dad.

Photo of passenger side made for antique tag application

When we brought her home

Rear view submitted for antique tag application

Baby got back while the Buick looks on jealously through the fence.

Logo and Ford Mustang engraved on metal center of steering wheel

In case you forget you’re driving a Mustang

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Until next time!

14 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce You to My Husband’s Mistress

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  9. We finally had time to read this and really enjoyed driving along with you on your new purchase. I know now why Mike wanted driving gloves for Christmas one year. when he was a teenager. It was in anticipation of his future hobby.

    • LOL! I dunno if he knew this was coming about 30 years later but he still has the gloves. However he’ll only drive the Mustang when it’s warm outside. It’s heater isn’t great and it’s a convertible. Actually Aaron’s driven it as much as Mike now but I’m sure that will change this Summer.

  10. What a beauty! The first car I brought new, was a 1966 Ford Mustang. It was white with red interior. I have not had a better car since. What memories this post brings back. The first day I drove it I almost got a ticket and when I showed the officers my little pink slip of new ownership, he smiled and gave me a warning instead.


    • Great! I love that story.

      My first car was a 1965 convertible Barracuda. The motor loped at stop lights. My dad bought it from me with a brand new Pontaic T1000. Which was good because keeping gas in the Barracuda was breaking my budget!

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