What I Would Save From A Fire

Let me first say I’d save all family members – skin covered or fur covered. Then at the top of my list is a little red composition book (that’s what I grew up calling wire bound notebooks) of which we must not speak. I have a treasure trove of family history items in my house but if I had to grab one thing it would be this dog-eared red notebook.

red composition book

The Book of Aaronisms

I can’t share exactly what’s in it but I can tell you why it’s precious. In this notebook Mike and I recorded the things Aaron said growing up that made us laugh. We were that kind of parents. Mike was better at it than I but now we have snippets of childhood earnest conversations that made us giggle at the honesty and simple logic in his comments. We started the book when he was 4 and tapered off when he was about 10.

Aaron graduating preschool to Kindergarten

The Budding Philosopher

I’ve often said this will be my first New York Times best seller. Aaronisms. However I’ve agreed never to publicly share the contents until I have his consent. Right now it’s just to embarrassing for him to share. Even though I think some of them are the wisdom of a child that grown-ups need. No, I’ll wait. There will be a time when all will be revealed. Until then the book is on the second shelf of my office bookcase at the end near the door so I can quickly grab it in case of fire. Maybe I should move it to the safe deposit box.

Short post today. I’m feeling under the weather. Hopefully I’ll be back on my feet tomorrow.

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Until next time.

6 thoughts on “What I Would Save From A Fire

    • It’s great to have. I’d so love to share the laughs and stories but being the Mama I am I’ll wait for his ok. I know when he’s older he’ll enjoy sharing it too. Right now he’s settling into being a young adult at college and doesn’t need people giggling at his childhood. Once he’s a comfortable adult I’m sure it’ll be fine.

    • Yes I’ve been working on scanning photos for genealogy records and I’ve got Carbonite backup I can reach from any internet connection. Finally the photo worry is over at least I’ll have copies.

  1. Of course you’d save that spiral (bound) notebook (That’s Canuck speak). I started a similar journaling for my two grandkids. If I wrote everything I thought was cute, it would be a TOME by the time they reach ten. At what age are you planning on sharing the contents with Aaron? I haven’t decided when myself. maybe when they’re hormonal teenagers and need a pinch of reality. LOL.

    Heartwarming post.

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