The Nuthatch Got Away With It

It all started when I wanted a big crisp dinner salad.  No dinner salad is complete without a boiled egg.

bowl of peeled boiled eggs

A bowl of boiled and peeled eggs. Some were too fresh so nicked the whites peeling them.

So as afternoon was rolling in it found me standing over the garbage in the kitchen looking out the window peeling boiled eggs.  (I always make few extra).  Rappy was out in the backyard and I was enjoying the feeling better stage after a week of being ill.

red tulips in foreground with pale yellow tulips in back

Red Tulip army stands with the Lemon Custard Tulip army.

I noticed how much more had bloomed and greened since the last time I felt well enough to assess the yard.  The red tulips had come out and were flanking the yellow custard ones with the same number.

The perennials in the same bed are greening up nicely. Their winter trash getting cleared away. I wondered if Mike had done it this weekend, I bet he did. The purple tulips are just making a showing as the frilly jonquils are doing their finale. The lilac bush Mike had trimmed so harshly not only has leaves but is getting ready to bloom. The cat nip by the fence has grown in leaps and bounds.

green leaves growing through winter debris

perennials return

close up of a purple tulip

Purple Tulips make a showing

Very pale yellow jonquils

Jonquils taking their bow

Lilac blooms as a bundle of tight buds

Lilac buds to bloom

leaves peeping through fence

Cat mint on the fence

As I stood there watching the wildlife began its activities with no human clamoring around in the small space. Squirrels perched on the back fence running back and forth to keep an eye on Rappy as she romped in the grass. Soon they took a perch up on the peak of the back neighbor’s garage to survey when it was safe to make a run to the currently full bird feeder.

While they wearily watched Rappy a nuthatch landed in the lilac bush. They always make me laugh because they seem to look at the world upside down for most of the time. He’d dart out and land on the feeder to eat a few bite before the chittering of the squirrels made him dart back to the cover of the heart-shaped lilac leaves. It was so loud I could hear them through the glass of the windows. Greedy buggers didn’t want to share with the tiny nuthatch. But remember there’s always someone bigger than you keeping watch, in this case it was Rappy. The chittering would perk Rappy’s ears. She’d prance around looking for squirrels and they’d go silent hunkering down on the shingles of the neighbor’s roof. Then the nuthatch would dart out again to eat. Once Rappy settled down to watch out the gate the squirrels would scold the nuthatch, it would dart for cover and Rappy would prance about on patrol. Then rinse and repeat again.

roof line of neighbor's garage against evening sky

Squirrel perch to watch Rappy

a full long bird feeder hanging off shepherd's hook

The bird feeder from which the nuthatch got away with eating the “squirrel’s” food.

As this went on a large robin bopped into the scene. He wasn’t concerned with Rappy, squirrels in the balcony, or nuthatches nibbling birdseed. He was collecting the dried vines from last year’s morning glories. Then he was back to pull out the dried leaves from the perennials. He made several trips to our yard then up to our garage’s peak the off in a Northernly direction to return shortly and clean up my yard some more. So maybe Mike had some help with that.

This was just a moment peeling eggs and looking out the window. Yet it was just what I needed after a week of being in bed ill. The freshness of it all, the simple fun and quiet activity that goes on all the time unnoticed. I’m not up to a full day’s activity yet but it was good to see it go on.

Now excuse me I’ve a dinner salad to make now that the eggs have chilled. As always it’s good to hear from you. Until next time.

2 thoughts on “The Nuthatch Got Away With It

  1. Looking out the window while doing something else is all win-win. Peeling eggs looking out the window is the same. Love your description of what you saw and the photos included. I’ve always LOVED an egg in a green salad. It just seems to give it that extra PUNCH.

    • Thanks! Yes I tend to gaze out the window while doing something when I’m not looking right into the neighbor’s window. Here the houses are close together so some windows I’d be reporting on what my neighbor was doing… not a good idea.

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