Did You Know I…

I often see people do a list of “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me.”  I always find at least one thing I have in common with them that I didn’t know about.  Since I’ve not been posting for a while (health issues, improving thanks!) I thought a good post to get back into this would be a 10 Things list.  So here is my 10 Things You May Not Know About Me.

  1. I love comic books.  I always have and always will.  **Let the Geek Flag Fly**   Actually I have a pull list mailed to me monthly.  For those of you not into comic lingo a pull list is a list of comic book titles to which you subscribe.  The big companies DC and Marvel aren’t great at managing subscriptions nor do they offer all titles for subscription.  The small companies like Dynamite don’t offer subscriptions nor do Indies like Zenotrope.  So if you have a local comic shop you go there fill out a pull list and they make a mailbox for you pulling those titles as they come in.  Our local comic shop burned so I use Midtown comics for my pull list and they mail them to me monthly.  If you want to read my comic book reviews I post them over on my Google+ account.
  2. As a rule I don’t like chick flicks.  I’ve never liked goody-goody sappy things.  I hated Little House on the Prairie and the Waltons.  I did like Hot L  Baltimore and All In The Family.  Just an example from my early days of not liking the sappy movies.
  1. I didn’t like My Big Fat Greek Wedding.   This doesn’t mean I don’t like love stories or happy endings, I do.  I just like a story with meat and realism to it.  I find these movies shallow and insulting to women.

  2. I worked in radioactive waste processing.  Yep, I was a Regulatory Compliance Specialist.  I helped with NRC rules, RCRA rules, EPA rules, OSHA rules, and so on.  I taught courses on RCRA compliance.  What heck did I just say?  Well I worked doing internal inspections of the various processing of radioactive waste for the alphabet soup of laws that applied.  Just so you know I went into that job supporting the use of nuclear energy. I left  years later thinking until we know what to do with waste beyond make it smaller and leave it sitting in the desert to watch it for thousands of years – we shouldn’t be making radioactive waste for anything except lifesaving medical reasons.

    Magenta and Yellow Trifoil - caution radiation

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  3. I love the paranormal and fringe stuff.  Now I don’t buy all of it nor do I discount all of it.  I find it fun to read or listen to radio shows.  This is a pretty wide topic to me it can be anything from ghosts, aliens, crypto creatures, time travel, conspiracies, and anything weird.  Some of it astounds me people actually believe that stuff.  Some of it makes me think about what DO I believe and why.  Some of it makes me wonder just how much do we know about physics and such.  All of it helps me come up with story ideas.

    Happily Paranormal

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  4. I don’t like chocolate or sweets in general.  Honestly I’d rather have mashed potatoes & gravy, a good au gratin potato or more steak than dessert any day.  Notice it's not me with the cake. I don’t like ice cream and for my birthday want to impress me take me out to a Mexican or Sushi place. You won’t see me posing with a cake. I’m all into savory and my aversion to sweet goes as far as not caring for most fruits.  Ruby red grapefruit is my favorite with salt is my favorite!
  5. I’m sodium deficient most of the time.  Yep I salt heavily but when it comes time for my routine blood test I’m deficient.  It has to with adrenal malfunction – my body doesn’t absorb salt very well.If you eat dinner with me and see me salting don’t fret my blood pressure when I checked in for surgery last week was 118/62 and I was stressed for surgery but had taken no medication yet.  So my heart can take it and my body needs it to avoid pains in my legs and general body pain due to malfunctioning nerves that don’t have enough sodium.

    more I can have MORE!

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  6. I love true crime/missing person stories.  I find nothing fascinating that a good mystery and the best ones come from life.  Sure it’s great to learn the end but the others fascinate me too.  I’ve read all the books by John E Douglas a famous criminal profiler.  My most frequently recorded channel is Investigation Discovery.
    Old logo for Investigation Discovery channel

    My favorite channel. Image reproduced under the Fair use doctrine for commentary and criticism under US Copyright law

    My heart breaks for the victims and their families.  Still I can’t help but be fascinated with how cases are investigated not just the forensic side but all aspects.  I’m always intrigued about why someone does such crimes.  Why does A react to the situation with crime while B in the same situation doesn’t?  Also good plot twists are based on things that can really happen.  The plot turns I want to write are inspired by the real twists of life.

  7. No animal creeps me out, none.  Mike doesn’t like big bears (Kodiak, Grizzly, etc.).  Aaron thinks orangutans are creepy.   Sara finds Aaron etymology collection gross and creepy. Black bears are okay according to Mike I can’t say any of those things bother me.  Sure I respect big bears and hope to never meet one face to face.  I find Orangs fascinating as they are one of our closest genetic relatives.  Bugs – heck you’re reading the writing of a girl who used to love to play with bugs, especially those roly-poly ones you find under damp rocks or in rotting trees.  So no I don’t find rats, bats, snakes, bears, big cats or anything creepy.  I do have respect for wild beasts and venomous critters but don’t find them any creepier than people.  Actually I find people creepy occasionally.
  8. I can read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.  I took classes for two years to get the basics of reading it.  Why?  I figured if it was so important to them to write all over everything the least I could do is read a bit of it to see what’s going on.  I’m a writer the biggest thrill for me is to be read I don’t see that being any different 4,000 years ago. Close up from sarcophagus at Milwaukee Art Museum I studied Middle Kingdom glyphs and can muddle through the basics of an idea that’s written, stumble through Old or New Kingdom stuff.    I love history and I love the beauty of ancient Egyptian designs even their writing was beautiful art.  So I satisfied my curiosity about the very lean basics of how to read their hieroglyphs.
  9. I enjoy solitude.  I think I need more alone time than most people.  Not that I’m not a social person, I am, I can be.  Yet I love quiet days alone with my thoughts.  I think that’s the root of my love of reading, photography, and writing.  Those are all things you do alone, just you and your thoughts. beach with blue sky, sand and rocks I’m not a hermit by any means but for me to travel alone, have dinner out alone, to stay home alone, isn’t a bad thing to me.  I just like time to myself to process and create things.  I just always enjoyed going my way.  Maybe that comes from being an only child raised in area where I didn’t have playmates except in school hours.  Maybe it’s just my personality.  Either way my good friends concur that I do need more alone time than most people.  Too much interaction time makes me grumpy, I feel overwhelmed and become annoyed.  I guess it goes without saying I don’t like being in crowds…

So there you go.  Did ya learn something about me?  Do we have more in common that you knew?  Am I an odd bird as they say down South?  As always I appreciate you reading and any stars, shares, and/or comment are greatly appreciated.  Until next time!

7 thoughts on “Did You Know I…

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  2. I enjoy being alone too! And also the paranormal and I want to see a ghost someday. But scorpions creep me out. Hands down, the creepiest thing on the planet to me. I did manage to actually hold one at the last reptile show I went to and I didn’t cringe in the least…a guy had three of the big black ones on his head (I can’t remember what they were called) and since he seemed pretty content i just had to get over my fear. It was surreal…not getting one for a pet, although the dude made a pretty hard sales pitch. I will stick to snakes (we have three ball pythons) and cats.

    • There are animals I’d not want as a pet, scorpions would be one. If it got loose I don’t want to be stung or accidently crush the poor animal.

      See usually with these lists you discover something in common you didn’t know. I’d like to see any paranormal event! It would be great to see something that I couldn’t explain. I did have one odd experience of a dream coming to life but that’s about it.

      Thanks for commenting.

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