If It Is Historic Why Aren’t I There?

I have a shameful secret to admit.  I majored in history (my second time in college my first degree was a business one) yet when I lived in Charleston, South Carolina area (Mt. Pleasant to be more exact) I never went over to  Ft Sumter.  The very place that fired the first shot of the Civil War I never saw.

posing in Confederate uniform with saber and gun.  There is a heart shaped medal on his chest.

My 2nd great grandfather James Madison McCravey was a Confederate.

Heck the boats to it left from my island just a few blocks from where we had an apartment and I never went.  **hangs head in shame**  I went to the Yorktown and the ships there, I knew the historic district downtown like I knew my own palm, toured Fort Moultrie several times…but never made it to Sumter.  I deeply regret letting that chance get away.

After photographing the Southport Beach House here in Kenosha and learning it is on the National Registry of Historic Places. I decided I would visit all the places on the National Register that I could here in Kenosha.

First step was to get a list of the places and that called for a visit to the website of the register .  Ah-ha there are twenty-seven places in Kenosha county that are on the register.  WOW! more than I thought.  I look through the list and determine five of them I can’t visit.  Four are restricted/location not disclosed as they are prehistoric fossil sites and they don’t want unauthorized digging there.  These would be the Barnes Creek Site, Chesrow Site, Wehmhoff Mound, and Lucas Site.  One is a sunken ship in Lake Michigan the USS Wisconsin an Iron Steamer.  I won’t be visiting those that brings the number down to twenty-two.

I go over the list again.  I can check off the Southport Beach house. I’ve done it. It started this whole evaluation process. Also the Kemper Center and Durkee Mansioncan be marked off as I did it on the Christmas tour last year. Though I hope to get a better look at the Kemper center inside.

Tower wing of Kemper Center

Kemper Center in December 2011

So that leaves what? Twenty places to go.  Some are private homes.  That’ll mean just a shot of the exterior from the street. The Library Park, Library Park Historic District, and Gilbert M Simmons Memorial Library – did those just before I got sick. That’ll be going through the images doing a reshoot of things that didn’t turn out and writing a post.

View of Simmons Library from Library Park

The Gilbert M Simmons Memorial Library in Library Park in Kenosha. This area counts as 3 National Register of Historic Places Library Park itself is #00000733, Libaray Historic District #88002657, and the Simmons Library is #74000093.

That means I’m down to seventeen places.  These are whittling away fast.  Tomorrow Mike and I are going bowling.  While out we can stop by and get another site photographed.

Wish me luck on this on-going project.  I’m going to miss another historic place that’s near my home.  There’s no reason for it.  The good news is I’ll share the places I’ll see with you.

As always it’s great to hear from you!  Feel free to comment, start, or share this post.  You know how get me if you’d like to chat privately.  Until next time!

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