Can You Read HELP Me Read?

Let me first set the stage for this letter. I am starting to transcribe the 79 pages of my 4th great grandmother Sarah Busick Bright’s application for her widow’s share of her husband James Bright’s Revolutionary War Service Pension. This is going to be a long tedious job as file is all hand written, at times not in the best penmanship. Currently I’m trying to translate this letter that’s in response to Andrew Johnson’s letter of September 1848. At the time he was her representative in the House of Representatives and apparently her lawyer had asked him to help in securing the pension. Yes Andrew would become Lincoln’s Vice-President and President upon Lincoln’s assassination but that was in the future for these letters. Mr. Johnson writes

Will Cal Edwards please inform me what has been done in this case – these papers were left with the comm. before I left the city.
A Johnson

This letter appears next in the file as if to reply (I think)

letter is possible response to written comment on previous page from President Andrew Johnson

Here’s what I got so far with blanks for what I can’t make out.

Blountville Sept 7 1848

Dear Sir

I sent you about 2 mo. ago old Mrs Bright’s old P certificate with her application to be continued on the role. – I have not heard from it – Will you please drop me a lin and inform me what you did with it ________ What think you? Is not the election between Cap & Van Buren It seems to me that this old Hero of Buena Vista & Regular(?) after 40 years out do well ___ ____ on the roll of the army. Is it not a strange thing _____ the _______ a party should take a regular _____ ____ and that only of the army and offer him as a candidate for an office of ________ magnitude I tremble for the President

How A Johnson

Yours truly
Saul Rhea

a line by next mail will much oblige

I’m not quite sure how that ending goes with the big pen scribble in the middle there. I don’t get exactly what he’s saying either about the election or what it has to do with Mrs Bright’s application for the widow’s pension.

Any way give the original a look over and see if you can help fill in any blanks or divine the meaning of this reply.

As always love comments, ratings, and likes. You know where to find me until next time!

4 thoughts on “Can You Read HELP Me Read?

    • Oh there are some whose writing is much worse than this. This is middle of the road in quality of the 79 pages. Yeah I have a document light and magnifiers as well as penmanship guides for eras to help. I will say Andrew Johnson wrote very legibly! Being from his home town it was neat to see him in the file.

  1. Thank you so much. Yes I’ve just got another 70 pages to go on this transcribing… We’ve had copies of this record for some time I’ve read through it but now set out to try to transcribe it all.

  2. Can’t help with the transcription, but this is a wonderful historic piece of information from your family. Wishing you luck in getting help in the transcribing.


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