This Time I’ve been In The Kitchen

Long break again but at times real life gets in the way of blogging life. I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes (type 2). Which with other issues put me into poly glandular failure. I’m now being treated by the endocrinology pavilion of Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee. I have to be honest they have improved my life immensely so far, many issues I’ve complained about for years are improving with their management.

Which leads us to why I was in the kitchen I have to eat breakfast. It is one their requirements and has always been a personal bodily requirement of mine. However I wake up hungry NOW and/or too groggy to cook. I have dropped my carbohydrate intake due to diabetes (it’s not just sugar but ALL carbs not having a sweet tooth my sins were bread, rice, potatoes, peas, corn, etc.) I looked around for recipes I could do in advance that were low-fat, high protein, and low carb. I came upon one – Spinach Quiche Muffins and thought of one bacon & egg cups. Today was the day I hit the kitchen and tried them.

First up are the Spinach Quiche Cups

Muffin tin filled with crustless spinach quiche cups

low-fat, low carb, high protein Spinach Quiche Muffins

First thing I never do a recipe as written I monkey with it. This one I replaced eggs with egg substitute, regular cheese was replaced by non-fat, chopped onions were replaced by dried minced onions. Why the changes? One obvious reason was to drop number of fat grams. The onions were because sometime ago I made some spinach omelets and froze them in single servings when thawing out I had to drain them. I knew I needed all the help absorbing spinach moisture as I could so dried onion would do that. Also instead of making 12 small ones I went for 6 regular muffin sized. In the original recipe a serving was 2 now it’s one.

Okay you’ll need foil baking cups. I found a light spray of non-stick spray before you put the cups in and in the cups after putting them in the pan added in removal later. Sometimes a bit of it bakes out and the spray on the exterior of the liner helps with that.

10 oz of frozen chopped spinach thawed and drained well. I put mine in a bowl and let it thaw in the fridge sitting on a corner to drain. Then when I opened the package I took out the spinach and squeezed it into a ball with my hands to get out as much moisture as I could. It wasn’t dry but it didn’t drip and when torn apart in the bowl with a fork it was still leafy.

Add to the flaked spinach in the bowl 3/4 cup of egg substitute (if you want real eggs 3 eggs well beaten), 3/4 cup of non-fat shredded cheese (I used cheddar), 1 small bell pepper chopped, and 1 generous tablespoon of dried minced onion. Mix all of this together and divide into your 6 foil cups. I could put it in with a fork it’s that thick. Bake at  350 F for 20 minute until firm. If you are going to eat them right away let stand 5 min to firm before eating. Yes they do freeze and I’ll let you know about thawing tips when I get there.

According to my MasterCook program (I don’t know how accurate but it does for me, it’s up to you to decided if you want to use it.  I’m just sharing what information I have)  a serving’s nutritional data looks like this for one serving: 66 calories, 1 gram fat, 4 grams carbohydrates, 10 grams protein, and 2 grams fiber.

Next up was my idea of Bacon & Egg Cups from various pictures I’ve seen about. Here’s my versions of them.

Muffin tin full of 6 egg cups and 6 eggbeater cups

Bacon & Egg Cups fresh from the oven

Here I used low-fat Turkey bacon. I stood in the meat department comparing nutritional labels of the turkey bacon and settled on Jennie-O out of what my store had to offer. I used large eggs for six of them and I used 1/4 cup of egg substitute for the other 6. I didn’t spray the pan as it was still greasy enough from the run of Spinach Quiche Muffins. However next time I will be sure to give it an even coating of light spray there was a bit of stickage. I first put a slice of bacon lining the edge of each cup. The I used half a slice to line the bottom. I found if I tore the half into half again (two fourths of a slice) I could position it better to cover the bottom. Then with the real egg I just broke the egg into the cup now made of bacon. For the egg substitute I poured in the quarter cup into the center. I salted and peppered the tops of the eggs and baked for 20 min at 350 F. Here’s what they looked like when they came out.

single serving on plate

Bacon & Egg Cup – with real egg

single serving on plate

Bacon & Egg Cup with egg substitute

Aaron ate two regular egg ones and one egg substitute one for lunch pronouncing them good. He wanted instructions for his kitchen in his house this fall. I told him to which he said “I’ll need a muffin pan.”

Okay again according to my MasterCook program here’s the nutritional data per serving. Using an egg it is: 125 calories, 9g Fat, 1g carbohydrates, 10g protein, and 1g fiber. Using the egg substitute it is: 76 calories, 4g fat, 1g carbohydrates, 8g protein, and 0g fiber.

As always I love to hear from you. If you try these let me know how they turn out and what you did to make them your own. Until next time!

2 thoughts on “This Time I’ve been In The Kitchen

    • Excellent question – for an occasional thing yeah it’s fine just have a lunch that’s very low to keep in the daily totals. With eggs sub it was much better. I freeze them and grab one when I want it. It does freeze well. I have to admit I like the spinach one the best – but I’m a BIG spinach lover.

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