A Proud Military Family

This morning we got up early Mike dressed in his whites, we picked up Sara (Aaron’s girlfriend) and headed to North Milwaukee to the Military Entrance Processing Station or MEPS as it’s called.  Aaron had spent the day there Tuesday doing all he needed to joint the Army National Guard.  However, he knew a very special military officer he wanted to perform the swearing-in ceremony for him – his father.

Here’s the pictures from this morning where Capt Mike Eklund swore in his son Aaron Eklund.

Father is Capt in US Navy in white uniform - son in front raising right hand

Father swearing son into the service of our country

Now may I proudly introduce PV2 Aaron Eklund of the Army National Guard. He’ll be serving while he continues to attend University of Wisconsin Madison. There he’ll be with the ROTC program except when he takes the winter semester off for boot camp. Upon graduation he’ll be commissioned as an Officer and plans to work for the governor’s office in helping with preparedness for pandemics and bio hazards.

Shaking hands and smiling after swearing in ceremony

PV2 Aaron Eklund of the US Army National Guard and Capt Mike Eklund of the US Navy.

Our family is proud to serve.

8 thoughts on “A Proud Military Family

    • You’re welcome. Yes we discussed that Mike probably won’t be able to do Aaron’s commissioning because he’ll be retired. Then again who knows, he might just keep going. Mike’s taking another Navy class starting in October I think. So who knows it seems he talks retirement then thinks oh three more years…

  1. As Aaron’s Grandmother I am proud of him as he make this decission. I am proud he wants to serve his country as his father does. I am proud he knows what he wants and goes after it. I feel like he is going somewhere and is going to be successful in life.

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