Tour The Secret Gardens of Kenosha

A few weeks ago Mike and I took the Secret Gardens tour of Kenosha. Mike enjoyed gardening ideas. I enjoyed the photo opportunities. Despite the drought the gardens were lovely.  I’m sure the owners put in a lot of hard work and watering expense to make them ready for the event. Sit back and enjoy this colorful photo post.

Close up of bloom

Orange petals tipped in yellow

close up of blooms

Large purple bloom

Flower bloom that looks like a pompom

orange and yellow blooms trumpet shaped

close up of orange trumpet bloom

Black eye Susans

Shasta daisies

As always click on a photo it’ll take you to my Flickr account where there are more. Love to hear from you, until next time!

2 thoughts on “Tour The Secret Gardens of Kenosha

  1. Your photographs are beautifully taken from different angles that highlight the beauty of the flower and show off its best feature. I learned a lot about composition looking at your images.


    • Wow! Thanks! Your comment made my day.

      I have to say it’s also working with the cropping after making the photo. I use Paint Shop Pro like I used the darkroom back when I shot, developed, and printed from film.

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