Comic Comments: Get Mystique Final Repose

Wolverine Volume 4 Issue 9 This is a one issue story that links the Wolverine Versus The X-Men arc with the following five book Wolverine’s Revenge! arc.

The credits for the issue are as follows: Jason Aaron writer, Daniel Acuña artist, Jae Lee with June Chung cover art, VC’s Cory Petit Letterer, Jared K. Fletcher designer, Jody  Leheup asst. editor, Jeanine Schaefer editor, Nick Lowe group editor, Axel Alonso editor in chief, Joe Quesada chief creative officer, Dan Buckley publisher, and Alan Fine executive producer.

All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

This title refers to the Get Mystique arc that appeared in Wolverine Volume 3 Issues 62-65.  Basically it’s the same story as that arc.  Logan is out to kill Raven after he almost died because of her helping someone.  There’s a chase.  This one is just in San Francisco the other was all over the world.   The arc was interrupted by flashbacks showing Raven and Logan’s relationship through the decades.  This one isn’t we just get to the chase and fights.  I’d hoped this story would put an end to all of this but the zinger at the end hints not. Like all things Marvel we may again end up chasing our tail doing the same tired story line over and over except in San Francisco and without flashbacks.

I want to point out that Raven and Logan have always had an odd relationship.  Her son is his BFF.  She has a thing for him and they have sex occasionally.  Either it’s spite sex or he doesn’t know it’s her or it’s House of M and he’s forgotten he dislikes her.  Either way since Raven’s relationship with Irene (aka Destiny) ended she’s been trying to get in Logan’s pants.  As I said she has succeeded a few times.  In this issue he tells her he’s had enough of her.  Has he had a enough that he’ll now kill his BFF’s mom since Kurt isn’t alive to see it?

As for the art, let’s start with the cover.  Again lovely anatomy, great coloring, but Mystique’s face?  I guess running from Wolverine gives you bags under your eyes.  Overall I like it best from this cover team so far.  Still it’s too romancy for me and what goes on in the book.  Trust me he doesn’t want to be that nice when he gets close to her no matter what he holds behind his back.  Then again when did the cover of a comic ever accurately portray the contents? Another pet peeve of mine, also have it with movie posters.

The interior art is better than the last arc. Both were by Daniel Acuña.  I have to admit there are a lot more panels here I like. Some are really nice, really nice.  I’ll highlight just a few after the jump. Not so many panels with characters looking like cutouts pasted into an incompatible background.  Though unfortunately there are some in this book the number is greatly reduced.  Some panels still have the odd piss yellow outlining though other times it has given over to other colors.  I still don’t like it and stop reading to think “why the heck did they outline that in that color?!?”  So it throws me out of the story.

In the end I consider this a light weight issue.  Just a bit of fluff fighting between old enemies before Logan goes after those who wronged him.  I didn’t care if he got her or not. I’d done all of this before over more issues.  I just wanted him to get on with going after the Red Right Hand so we could learn more about them.  In the end it was much-to-do about nothing and he’s off for his revenge.

Now I’m off to a few panels with comments.  Didn’t have many in this issue I cared to say anything about one way or the other.  There are two scans after the jump.

Wolverine Volume 4 Issue 9

I have several comments about these panels. First off I LIKE this art. These are just some of the really nice panels. I’ll forgive the funny glow with the beep on the phone buckle.  Second the PHONE BUCKLE! (HA,HA,HA,HA!!) Well, at least it’s not his shoe and he has hands free while driving.  Thirdly he chose to take his Mustang (not a ’66 but more a ’70s hatch back style in pea green) instead of his usual motorcycle for a Mystique chase.  I’m not sure why I like this as a change. It’s not big but I like it all the same.  Fourthly he wears driving gloves.  I wonder how many gloves he’s ruined popping his claws through them.  Final thoughts on these panels, I like seeing Maverick there.  It’s a good representation of him and I like how he and Logan work together.

Wolverine Volume 4 Issue 9

Here’s the final face off between the two. Honestly, I don’t know what Raven is thinking when a really pissed off Wolverine is coming to kill you don’t stop and try to reason with him. Your best bet is to run and hide until he cools down.  Unfortunately Kurt isn’t around to talk him down any more so you’ll have to hope Melita can do it for you.

Also in one of those panels the annoying color outline is baaaaack.  I know I know it’s my opinion on it I’m sure there’s someone out there that likes it even when it is piss yellow (which it is in the next panel BTW).

That’s all I gots to say about this issue.  Next up I’ll give my comments on Wolverine’s Revenge which did make a change in our hero that led to him being a headmaster.  Gotta wonder how that came about eh?

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