Comic Comment – What’s on the Pull List Now?

Once again I’m been messing with my pull-list.  I hear of such great comics I just have to jump in and give them a try.   Then there are old faithfuls that almost always get unless the arc is so bad I suspend it until they are through it.  So what’s on the list now and why?

A bit of legalese – All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique.

Comic Con Girl Issue 1

Adventures of Comic Con Girl (Antarctic Press) won me over with the title alone! I mean really how can I a fangurl pass up a book about a fangurl’s adventures? At various comic cons no less! I’m in! It just started. I’ll start my comments with issue 1.


Dark Shadows Issue 1

Dark Shadows (Dynamite) is based on the old tv series I loved. The first arc was just out of the series not at all like the campy movie released this year. If you used to rush home from school like I did to watch the vampire soap opera then this books is for you! I’ll start commenting from issue 5.


Dark Shadows and Vampirella Issue 1

Dark Shadows Vampirella (Dynamite) one is all new. Not just to me but just starting in general. I got it because the mix made me laugh. I have no idea what it will be like. It might be something I keep on the list or it might be done in the first arc. I’ll give it a chance then I’ll decide. Worth trying it just to see how Barnabas reacts to her. I’ll start with issue 1 once the first arc is complete.


Deadpool Issue 50 cover

Deadpool (Marvel) is one of my standards. I love his quipping ways. I love his sidekick Bob. I still wonder if he’s into Bea Arthur. Any way I’ll start commenting on his title with issue 50.


Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Issue 1

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe (Marvel) is brand spanking new. I jumped in with issue one. I can’t resist seeing Deadpool annoy the snot out of the more serious heroes of the Marvel Universe. I mean if you can make Capt. America lose his cool you are REALLY annoying and Deadpool can do that. I’ll start commenting at issue 1 when the first arc is complete.


Jim Butcher's Dresden Files Storm Front Issue 1 Cover

I love Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series in books. I adored the one season we got of a TV show based on them so I thought I’d try the comic book tellings of his series. Dresden Files (Dynamite) is new and I’ll start commenting from the beginning.


Fables issue 113 Cover

Fables (Vertigo/DC) is one of those old faithfuls. It’s always on my list. It’s never been suspended for intolerable arcs. It’s there because it epitomizes what a comic book should be – beautiful writing and art working together to tell a full story. The story deals with familiar fairy tale characters who were forced from their dimension to ours and now live here in disguise. I’ll start commenting on this one from issue 114.


Fairest Volume 1 Issue 1

The most recent spin-off from Fables is Fairest (Vertigo/DC) telling stories of the princesses from Fables. Again it lives up to the epitome of what a comic should be. The stories are well written and the art is lovely. I’ll start commenting on this one from the first issue.


The First X-Men Issue 1 Cover

First X-Men (Marvel) is new and being as it stars Wolverine and Sabertooth I had to give it a try. It’s supposedly retells the story of before Xavier had the school and the team. I’m really skeptical and see this teeter-tottering on the edge of my pull list. They are going to have to pull off some fancy writing and art to keep getting my money. But for what it’s worth I was skeptical of Origin but now it’s near and dear to my heart. Still if we are playing the odds using the past experience with Marvel to judge it’ll wind up on the scrap heap. But I gotta give ’em a chance. I’ll start commenting with issue 1.


Fury Max Issue 1 Cover

What can I say? I like Nick Fury. So when Fury Max (Max/Marvel) came out I had to jump in. I loved the cover right off with the 1960s art feel. Nick is a rough at tumble guy that appeals to the side of me that likes the old WWII movie heroes. I’ll start my comments with issue 1.


Gambit Volume 5 Issue 1 Cover

Gambit (Marvel) starts up his own title series again. It’s now to volume 5. I have to say he and Nightcrawler via for my second favorite character. So you know if either one of them has a title series I’m in! This one just started and I’m looking forward to it. I loved volume 4, there were some funny things there with Wolverine. Who knows this time it might stick for many issues. I’ll start with issue 1 at the completion of the first arc.


Ghostbusters Issue 7

Ghostbusters (IDW) was one I had to try. I loved the movies. I loved the REAL Ghostbusters cartoon. So I was up for a good comic based on the franchise. That’s what I got. It’s silly at times and scary at times. It’s so well written to the characters I hear the actor’s voices in my head when I read it. I’ll be starting my commentary with issue 7.


Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends Issue 15

Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends (Zenescope) caught my eye. I tried it and I liked it better than its parent line. It involves modern day retellings of popular fairy tales. There’s a main character that’s a cop and magic practioner who tries to stop the more grim side of the Grimm tales from happening. I’ll start commenting on this one with issue 16.


Hoax Hunters Issue 1 Cover

Hoax Hunters (Image) is a new series. The description caught my eye

“Cryptids. Aliens. Monsters. All the world’s bizarre secrets–what if they were real? Their existence would be debunked by a reality TV show! HOAX HUNTERS is that show, publicly disproving all variety of lore. But their real goal is the opposite: as the world’s dark corners surface, the HOAX HUNTERS cover them up.”

I couldn’t stay away from that. I’ll start my commentary on this one from issue 1 too.


Revival Issue 1 Cover 1st Printing

Revival (Image) is a whole new series too. It’s billed as a farm noir that puts a new twist on zombies. It’s set in rural Wisconsin. So let’s review it’s a crime noir something I love. It has zombies. Who doesn’t like good zombies? It’s set here in Wisconsin my current residence. So all three things in the inital pitch struck a cord in me and on my pull-list it went. It was so well received that it’s in its second printing. You can guess where I’ll start with this one too.


Think Tank Issue 1 Cover 1st printing

Think Tank (Image) came out to lots of good buzz. The reviews were excellent! I read quite a few bragging on this book. I checked it out and this line in the promo got me hooked

When a military think tank’s smartest scientist decides he can no longer stomach creating weapons of destruction…

. You see I used to work in a very unique industry with a very particular set of skills. I was a Regulatory Compliance Specialist for a processor of radioactive waste. I often thought about could I would for the manufacturers of nuke weapons. The answer is no I don’t think I could. I could however work for a company that responsibly dealt with the messes we humans had already made. So I get the main character here before I even pick up the book. Again you know I’ll start at the beginning.


Uncanny X-Force Issue 25

Uncanny X-Force (Marvel) is a team originally founded by Scott Summers and given to James “Logan” Howlett to lead. It was the secret branch of the X-Men that was willing to use deadly force. It has some alternate universe versions of familiar characters on the team. This Nightcrawler ain’t the caring but strong priest BFF of our James. When the Schism happened X-Force went with James. I’ll start my commentary on this story with issue 27.


Walking Dead Issue 96

I started the Walking Dead (Image) comic because of my love of the tv series. I know the two vary somewhat but I was curious about the comic that inspired such a great show. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is about a band of survivors in a post zombie apocalypse world. Oh and there’s zombies, I always like zombies. I have to say the writing and art of the comic didn’t disappoint. It is now one of the staples on my list.


Wolverine Volume 4 Issue 310

Wolverine (Marvel) is one of my stables when he’s not off acting stupid in some long god-forsaken arc. Just completed all my comments on the arcs completed in the current volume 4 series. When we get back to this one well start here at issue 310.


Wolverine and the X-Men Issue 1

Wolverine and The X-Men (Marvel) is the series that highlights Headmaster James “Logan” Howlett at his newly opened school The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. I have to say this series is near and dear to my heart as it represents true character growth for my favorite character. It’s the next up in my Comic Comments series and we’ll start off with issue 1.


Wolverine X-Men: Alpha and Omega Issue 1

Wolverine and the X-Men Alpha & Omega (Marvel) is a limited series telling the story of when a student Quentin Quire tried to take revenge on his headmaster by taking over James’s mind. Can he hold the powerful mutant or will James break free? The run is complete and the story is complete so I’ll comment the whole thing. It’ll be right after the completed Wolverine and the X-Men Comic Comments on those completed arcs.


Wolverine Noir Issue 1

Wolverine Noir (Marvel) is a limited series of an alternate universe. I’ll let the promo set it up for you:

The Bowery, 1937. Jim Logan, the fiercest knife expert in New York, runs a seedy detective agency called “LOGAN & LOGAN”…along with his useless, halfwit brother, Dog. They’re the best they are at what they do. But when a swanky dame named Mariko Yashida struts into the office, she opens up a world of hurt for Logan, forcing him to revisit his painful, bloody past.

The run is complete so I’ll be commenting on the whole thing. I have to say there were three things that put this on my list 1) Noir – I love crime noir stories, 2) Wolverine – we know he’s my fav, 3) Late 1930s clothing – I love James in period clothes. So there you go what made this fangurl go for this one.


That’s my pull-list as of now. There are a few more I’d love to add to it but gotta draw the line somewhere in the spending. As it is I’m shopping for a 4 drawer filing cabinet for my comics and I just sold two long boxes.

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