Love Was Found On Top of The Fridge

There was a very sad crisis at my house this morning.  The new bag of doggie biscuits could not be found.  I KNOW tragedy of epic proportions!  Call in the Avengers! Where is the Closer when you need her?  It was sad and perplexing.

Sad Rappy face

I did not feel well last night.  I went to bed early.  The doggie treat jar was empty and is our ritual before I go to bed I let her out and gave her a treat.  Not feeling well I didn’t take time to wash the jar and put the new treats in it.  I just left the bag of treats on the counter. Aaron and Sara came home to make their dinner as I was heading off to bed.  I didn’t care all I wanted was bed.

Cut to 5am this morning, doggie wanted out.  I got up and let her out.  I reached into the treat jar.  Not normal time for a treat but I was still groggy and not up to my usual form.  It was empty.  My sleep rattled brain remembered I’d left the bag out.  I reached for it in the dark, not there.  I flipped on the light and looked around the kitchen.  Dirty dishes piled in the sink, ran water in them.  Yep Aaron’s cooked and moved the treats but where?  Dunno.  Oh well she’s not supposed to get a treat now any way.  I turned off the light and shuffled to bed leaving a very dejected greyhound in my wake.

“But, but you rattled the treat jar…. I was a good girl.  You were going to give me a tasty treat.  What, what happened? ”  Rappy sighed heavily and was left staring at the empty jar.  “Momma don’t love me no more.”

Worried Rappy face

Then this morning I got up and went through the morning routine.  Rappy out and in again.  This time it’s morning treat time.  We start and end our days together with tasty basted biscuit treat of love.  It’s been our routine for years.  I reach for the jar and remember, “Oh yeah Aaron.”  I look about the kitchen no treat bag.  I shout up to ask Aaron what he did with it.  He doesn’t remember.  I don’t find it in the storage cubby, in the pantry, in the dog food drawer or cabinet.  It’s gone.  I show Rappy my empty hands and tell her Aaron ate all the treats.  She’s dejected and shuffles off to her day bed in my office.

I take to emptying the dishwasher and loading the dishes in the sink into it.  I’m puzzling over where that bag could have gone.  Then I see it!  It’s on top of the fridge!  I’m short I don’t always look up for something.  Much less look for doggie treats in non doggie places.  Still I found it!  The tasty basted biscuit treat of love are back!

dog treat

I immediately called Rappy, the depressed old greyhound that had moped about the corners of my morning. “Here girl!” I handed her two, yes TWO, treats one stacked on top of the other. I found them!  Her eyes lit up, her ears went up, her back feet did the happy tap dance with the big tail wags. “MOMMA STILL LOVES ME!” She roo’d. She grabbed the treats and ran to her bed to enjoy them.

Rappy eating treats in her bed

I enjoyed watching her savor them. Then I went and filled up the empty treat jar. All is right with the furry household now. Momma loves Rappy. The treat jar is full. Life is as it should be for doggie and me. If only I could get my printer working. Maybe I should show it the full treat jar…

Dog treats in the jar

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