Michael, Michael How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mike's garden

I’m not a gardener, never have been, never will be. It’s just not in me. I find it miserable work. Though I enjoy the fruits of the labor be they flowers, vegetables, or fruit. If I had to do it I would. Mike on the other hand finds it relaxing. He likes to garden and looks forward to it. It’s beyond me just like my comic book hobby is beyond him. He appreciates it makes me happy. I appreciate produce and flowers.

basket full of tomatoes of various sizes

Join me as I checked in on Mike’s garden. It’s coming along fine. The kritters enjoyed watching me take photos of the garden. Except Rappy, she slept in the sun. Can’t say I blame her.

How in the heck Mike gets in there to bring in the harvests he does is beyond me. I think of gardens as being measured in portions of an acre with nice wide rows not a jungle where if you step wrong you crush your next harvest. It’s his garden done his way. Left to me, I’d be living in a condo but it makes him happy. So there for the dense garden makes me happy.

Yellow bloom

bowl overflowing of various peppers

Yellow flower blooms

Cat mint on fence blooming

close up and green

rose bud

tomatoes on the vine


closing bloom

on the vine

bloom in profile

greyhound asleep on grass

black cats looking out screen door

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