We Went To the County Fair, All The Animals Were There

Kenosha, Wisconsin

My view of the road with the top down

Saturday was a beautiful clear day. The weather was pleasant and we planned to head out to the country fair. We’ve lived in Kenosha eight years now. We have never gone to the county fair. Where I grew up south of the Mason Dixon fairs were fall things to attend say in September or early October. Here they are things to do in August. To many times they just passed us by because we never thought of it until it was too late.

On this glorious day we put the top down on Mike’s Mustang and headed out from the lake toward the west end of the county. We’re not too familiar with this area of the county tending to be lake people you see. We spent some time driving about in the general area of the fair feeling our way there. Luckily we did find it. Despite our theorizing they kept packing it up and moving it when we got close.

There was one downside. I didn’t get to take my trusty Nikon with me. I’d forgotten to charge the batter D’oh! So I took my small Olympus which I hadn’t used in so long I didn’t notice the white balance was set off for a sunny day. Also the Olympus only has the damn LED screen that’s useless in the bright sun. Yet another reason I shall prefer an SLR or at least require a viewfinder. So excuse some of the pictures harsh contrasts. The Nikon is charged now. I’ve reset the Olympus after re-familiarizing myself with the setting. Oh and I’m eyeballing one of these Agfaphoto cameras. I’m thinking Christmas list for this red baby right here.

It was pretty much like the Greene County fairs I grew up attending. The only difference was the fields were flat and we were glad to have a cool day instead of hoping for a warm one. We paid our fee and set about taking in the sights from displays, to livestock, to demonstrations, to contest winners, to concerts and finally the midway. It was classic Americana of a county fair.

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

Our local newspaper’s mascot

Back to a great day at the fair, I made many pictures. I’ve broken them up into two posts. This one is centered on my favorite part – the animals. The next post will the other stuff. Come and enjoy the sights with me. (There’s more on Flickr just click on any photo to hop over there and surf until you’re content.)

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

I have to admit I was surprised to see this at the county fair!

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

This explains why they were all sleeping when we say them.

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

Why do chickens always look angry? Is it because they have to get up so early?

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

Ducks always look peaceful. Even the blue ribbon winners.

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

This goose looked worried. He thought his goose was cooked! LOL!

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

There was a whole rabbit barn! All sizes from HUGE to these little guys. That’s Thumper up front and his buddy BB. They got each other’s back

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

Love the horse barn, they were just getting back from showing. There were tired horses getting groomed by tired owner and riders.

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

Cow off to be shown

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

The goats were comical. A little girl dropped her candy apple. Many goats stood up against the fence like this to watch that apple go into the trash. LOL! I could hear them all thinking “WAIT WAIT FEED IT TO THE GOATS!”

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

That’s a cow not a couch! You may not know this but many owners stay with their animals during the fair. At fairs there are usually stalls curtained off where the owners or farmhands are camping to look after their prize animals.

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

Move yer big butt Bessie so I lie down too!

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

This Grand Champion snored VERY loudly!

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

The snoring grand champion’s medal and ribbon. Really could have gotten one in snoring too!

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

This piggy is off to market.

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

Now that’s a lotta bull right there. The bulls got fans the cows didn’t. Sexist I say bovine sexism!

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

I see you there.

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

This fella was curious and funny. All the sheep were freshly shorn. They had cute fuzzy pink bodies.

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

The shearing was a wonderful job. These two siblings were adorable with the black faces and feet.

Kenosha County Fair, Wisconsin

Apparently it’s better to sleep with your head under the gate after a long day at the fair.

Stay tuned to tomorrow for non-livestock things from the fair. When we got home our livestock was there to greet us.

looking out the back door Mr. Puss Blue and Mr. Boots Red

Those are our furry feline fellas. Mr. Blue is standing in his usual place. Note he’s again pushed out the screen where he rests his paws. Mr. Red is there on the step.

8 thoughts on “We Went To the County Fair, All The Animals Were There

  1. Nice pics. I have not been to one in many years. Enjoyed it as a kid and then with our kids. Maybe all the sheep were sheared when you were there, but I always enjoyed sticking my fingers deep into their coat of wool, so thick.

    • Yes it’s a great feel if the sheep is clean – never liked muddy wool.

      I hadn’t been to a county fair in years either. That’s why I thought it’d be fun for a day’s outing.

      That was the last weekend of the fair so I’m sure they were sheared sometime in that week. From the looks of them they hadn’t been sheared for long the pink was still rosying up their coats.

  2. Thanks, Mary! All the pictures were ADORABLE. I LOVE animals too, and so it was a treat for me to see these animals up front and personal. I felt like I was right there with you at the fair! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. – Debb

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