Comic Comments – Batman Earth One Special Preview Edition

Batman Earth1 Special Preview Edition

This was a freebie I got with my monthly shipment. It contains teasers from Batman Earth One, and Batman Vol.2  story arc entitled Court of Owls which was told in issues 1-6.

As I said I’ve not been into DC for years.  I tried Wonder Woman about 4 years ago but didn’t like it.  Before that it’d been oh… since 1976 that I’d bought a regular DC title (excluding their other imprints like Vertigo).  Still of their lead characters Batman is my favorite.  His being my first word and all.  So when this became available for free I thought – sure why not.  I mean it’s FREE.  Since it is the stuff after the jump isn’t spoilery since there’s not a full story to spoil in a teaser.

Okay here’s the credits – I’ve got.  The full credits for Batman Earth One weren’t listed but Geoff Johns was the writer and Gary Frank was the artist. Batman Volume 2 Court of Owls full credits were listed as follows: Scott Snyder, Writer; Greg Capullo, Penciller & Cover; Jonathan Glapion, Inker; FCO Plascencia, Colors; Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt, Letters; Katie Kubert, Assistant Editor; Janell Asselin, Associate Editor, Mike Marts, Editor; and Bob Kane, Creator of Batman.

All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

Batman Earth1 Special Preview Edition

Let’s start with Batman Earth One it’s a more modern retelling of the Batman story.  I’m not real big into redos but I get that every few decades a story needs refreshing to get in a new generation of readers and keep the aging hero in his prime.  (something my Wolverine doesn’t need not aging much and all).  So this is a reset of the story for the 2010s generation.  Alfred isn’t a butler but a war-buddy of Bruce Wayne’s father and head of security for the Wayne family.  Bruce’s mother isn’t a debutante but an elected official while Bruce’s dad is still running a conglomerate. I like the modernization of the story.  I like Alfred’s new look.  I think it’s very good.  However, I’m not interested.  No I know his parents are going to get killed, Alfred is going to raise him, and he’ll become Batman.  Got that down pat don’t need to read it again.  It’s great for those who do.  The story sample was good well written character introductions.  The art is lovely, just wonderful comic book art with beautiful people (well proportioned and pretty) going about doing things.  I love the detail in Alfred’s war weary face.  It’s great but just not my cuppa.  If you are into starting over from the beginning – by all mean check this one out.

Batman Earth1 Special Preview Edition

Next is the reboot of the Batman title.  Back about 12-15 issues ago DC rebooted 52 titles. I’m not sure why they did that because I’d heard a few years ago they did a Big Event like thing and SuperBoy punched the time continuum that reset all the titles.  Hey, I didn’t read it I’m not making it up, it’s what I heard from some friends that are DC people.  Didn’t make me want to pick up any titles that’s for dang sure.  Any way they gave up Big Events that run through multiple titles for just resetting everything for where they want it to be and volume 2 of Batman was born.

This is a preview of the first arc in that New 52 reboot.  I liked the preview.  The art is nice a little more stylized than I like but not so stylized that people aren’t recognizable or lose their shape.  I don’t think it’s as pretty as the Earth One preview but I can read this and enjoy it.  So it’s good, good art.  The story is just starting and the voice over/narration squares are Batman telling us about Gotham and how they see themselves now.  Apparently he’s going into Arkham Asylum.  Once in there he teams up with the Joker to fight the other supervillians back into their cells.   Why?  WHAT?!?  A Joker/Bats team up?!?  Yep that’s right.  Oh I gotta read this.  Yep, put the title on my pull list.  I’m too cheap to buy the hardcover of the arc or heck even the TPB at regular price I’m game to jump in for a few issues.   If I like it the TPBs will be discounted by then and I’ll go back to catch up.

So yeah I guess the freebie preview did what it is supposed to do – sell comics.  I’m back on the DC wagon for one title.  I’m wondering where that’ll lead.  Will I keep it and grow toward more with Bats in it or will I drop it?  Only time will tell

Until next time!

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