Oh The Things I’m Learning, The Places This Blog Is Going To GO!

my desk

So lesson 3 is complete in my first WordPress class.  I have finally learned how to make pages!  I know uber simple but I didn’t get how they were organized and nested.

This class works in two ways.  One is we have our class project site.  We each open and create the same website for a faux animal rescue.  (mine is here if you are curious). There we carry out the assignments on setting up the site. They are all just alike but it is a way for the prof to see that we are getting the assignments and mechanics of the lesson. The other part is to start applying what we’ve learned to our own site.

That’s where the changes you’ll be seeing over the next few months come into play. The first change is I’ve categorized and tagged all my posts. That was a big assignment for me because I’ve got 100 posts as of this one. The others in the class have just started their WordPress sites and have at most 10 posts. Heck I’ve even got first tier and second tier categories but doesn’t show in this style. I’ll be changing that up later I think. You can look to the right column there and see what I’ve done.

Also the tags don’t duplicate the categories any more. That was deemed redundant and thus a no-no. I’ve removed those. So you can sort through my posts easier now by tags or categories.

Next are pages. You’ll see some placeholders go up here as I do lesson three. I’ll be filling them over the weeks to come. I’ll have a homepage that’ll link to stuff. I’m hoping to open up a store page where I can sell the jewelry I make and copies of books in which I’ve had stories published. I think that’s months away but place holders will go up and sit until we get to that lesson.

I’m hoping to spiff up the appearance with more of my own photography. Yes the default feature photo up top is one of mine. It’s power station chairs in the Knoxville airport. It fit the format and color. I’m not sure where that’s going but I am sure as things will come to me as we work through assignments.

One thing I did notice is I’m old school when it comes to going back to school. I want a desk, pens, and paper. I read and take notes, hand written notes on paper. I don’t print out the lessons. I don’t type notes on images of the pages. I read a lesson and then go back and make a note outline. I know OLD school. For me that’s how I’m wired. I think and absorb better pen to paper. Sure I write at the keyboard but when I’m thinking, planning, plotting, I do it at a desk with pen to paper. Same when I’m learning.

Shadowy zombie

zombie aaron by Ed Schipul under Creative Commons 2.0 license Attribution and share-alike. You can read Ed’s blog here. Click on the image to be taken to Ed’s Flickr and enjoy more of his work.

Aaron took a year of high school on-line. The structure was very similar to this class I’m taking. He didn’t once need a pen – why because he split screened and typed notes. In class he doesn’t need paper and pen just a fully charged notebook. Times have changed. At least if when there is a zombie apocalypse my notes will still readable, unfortunately I don’t think my website will matter much then. Oh well can’t win them all. I’ll just go back to reading my various writing lecture notes and writing the old fashion way quill to vellum, vellum made from zombie skin.

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Oh The Things I’m Learning, The Places This Blog Is Going To GO!

    • No posts for 1 & 2 just announced I’m starting and lesson 3 had a bit more to it. You can go to the link and watch the class project site of mine change as we work through the lesson. You can watch the WordPress Class category on the right there for more posts the class will run 12 weeks with a one week break after 6 weeks. So 13 weeks total just 12 of class.

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