Don’t Mind My Dust

plumbing behind my bedroom wall

Not what it really looks like behind the scenes but what it does in my imagination.

Today I am home alone. Unusual for a Saturday but I don’t mind. After Lesson 4 in my class I’ve got ideas buzzing about in my head for spiffing up the place around here. Today I’m trying out things. Don’t worry if you come here and things are changing drastically from one page to the next. I’m tinkering with stuff behind the scenes and then look at it up front. IF you see something you really like give a shout out – “HEY! I really liked – That slide show of posts” the same for the reverse “The slide show made me dizzy don’t like that.”

Any way things will settle down after today until next lesson. I think then the tweaks will be smaller that today’s total revamping.

Oh check out the menu bar up top there – yes it has drop down choices from the primary choices then fly outs from the secondary to tertiary choices. I worked on that yesterday and felt very proud of myself I might add. VERY PROUD. **nods satisfactorily**

So pardon the mess but know improvements are coming!

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