Almost Done Spiffing Up The Place


Milwaukee Art Museum by me

Welcome back to the new and improved I’ve put my WordPress class lessons to use around here. First off I’ve updated the layout as you can see. Ohh click on my photo there on the right and you’ll go to my home page! (or you can be boring and use the home link in the menu)

Also you can hover your mouse over the new menu that has fly outs and drop downs for three whole tiers! There are great new pages established such as Contact me there in the About Me menu.

I’ve added a Links page with a few of my favorite links and my comments about them. I’m working on a Blogroll page. That one is much longer and takes a more work but it’s progress watch for it to appear there on the left.

The Archives are now on the right when you open a post. See it there —-> the calendar looking thing? That’s it.

Each post now has a feature photo that’s mine, or used by Creative Common license, or a scan of a comic used under the Fair Use allowance of Copyright material for commentary and critiques of said work. (I never use more than 3 pages total from a comic.)

I’m sure there will be more tweaks as the weeks go by and I learn more. Yet I think it’ll build on this framework I’ve established this weekend. So keep your eyes open. Shout out what you think of the changes and I’ll return to my regular posting tomorrow. That’s all go enjoy investigating what I’ve done with the place.

4 thoughts on “Almost Done Spiffing Up The Place

  1. Looks nice. “fly outs” – even better than drop downs.
    I’ve posted a few pics from that cool Milwaukee place before. I like the design of the building.

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