Comic Comments – Dead

Deadpool 50

Ahh back to routine. We are now to another Marvel title – Deadpool. This 5 book arc is entitled Dead and takes issues 50 – 54. I like him because of his constant stream of conscious prattle. I enjoy it when it’s more pop culture centered. Still this story fits him to a T and I enjoyed it. The art was great and life is good in the Deadpool universe. Except he wants to die.

Let’ s do credits and legal statement.  First off all images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced. Now the legal is out of the off to give credit for the Merc with a Mouth Dead arc: Daniel Way, Writer; Carlo Barberi, Penciler Issue 50; Ale Garza, Penciller Issues 51-54; Walden Wong, Inker Issue 50; Sean Parsons, Inker Issues 51-54; Dommo, Colorist Issue 50; Dommo Sanchez Amara, Colorist Issues 51-54 (not sure if the same person since credit is listed differently); VC’s Joe Sabino, Letterer; Dave Johnson, Covers; Jordan D. White, Editor; Nick Lowe, Senior Editor; Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief; Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer; Dan Buckley, Publisher; and Alan Find, Executive Producer.

Deadpool Issue 51

The covers for this arc are awesome.  I do enjoy them and like how the hold true to the spirit of the content and reflect Deadpool’s style.  The interior art is done by two artist and is very similar in style.  I can’t say I prefer one over the other.  There are things with each that I love and stuff I don’t care for but nothing I despise.  The style leans a bit toward cartoonish at times but that suits Deadpool given his almost Road Runner like behavior at times.  I think both the covers and interiors are solid comic book art that I enjoyed very much.

Deadpool Issue 52

The story is one that builds on Evil Deadpool from the previous arc. For those of you who don’t know Deadpool has a regeneration ability so that makes him unkillable kinda like Logan in that fact.  Except a mad scientist kept parts Deadpool had lost frozen and those were thawed out to grow together to make an EVIL Deadpool.  Which in theory would also be unkillable.  Except in the battle against Evil DP, someone shot him with a serum dart that killed him.  Now the real Deadpool thought that was great!  He can finally die!   He wants the serum.  Thus starts this arc where he’s trying to die.

Other mutants who have the regeneration/healing abilities aren’t so keen on the serum and want to control it. Deadpool being his crazy self drags his buddy Hydra Bob into the mess he creates trying to find the serum.  DP goes to Fisk, the leader of a world-wide crime syndicate, and tells him about it.  Fisk says he’s not interested then goes looking for himself.  Which is also the response of Daken.  Except Daken wants it to mess with his father Logan.  Finally DP goes to the Uncanny X-Force who agree to work with him to find the threat.

Deadpool Issue 53

What follows is a series of ever more complicated follies of trying to find the serum.  Think A-Team when the plan comes together, well DP’s plan of dying is coming together. In the end, the serum isn’t exactly what they thought it was and DP decides he REALLY doesn’t want to die any way.  He comes to that conclusion once Bob points out once DP is dead there won’t be anyone to protect Bob, DP’s BFF.  Only problem is it’s a bit too late when DP changes his mind because everyone is out to kill him for stirring up more than needs to be stirred up.

Deadpool is classic Deadpool. His internal dialogue is sharp and witty.  Everyone’s reaction to him adds a bit of humor to the classic superhero/supervillain match-up.  I find it funny that we get what’s going on in his head because we have the stream of consciousness narration boxes in both his internal voices.  Psylocke on the other hand is at a loss to make sense of his mind.  In the end it is Logan who gets the guy, he knows what it’s like to stick around to save a friend, even when you are tired of sticking around.

Deadpool Issue 54

I think this starts a new era for Deadpool.  For once I’m hoping not too much changes.  Sure there are some changes, some that are major but essentially I want him to remain the wacky not quite right reluctant hero.  The one that annoys the heck out of everyone even Capt. America.  We’ll see what’s up next for the Merc with a mouth, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool.

Up next is another Deadpool arc. This one takes issues 55-57 and is called Reborn. After that we’ll be leaving Deadpool to finish his current arc. That’ll take us out of Marvel for a while. We’ll pass over Dynamite’s Dresden Files and Vertigo’s Fables for the same reason – let them finish their arcs. We’ll settled into Fairest‘s first arc taking issues 1-6, it’s entitled Wide Awake. I think you’ll enjoy that one!

You know what’s after the jump! Panels and Pages Commentary!

Deadpool Issue 50

I enjoyed this scene more that was needed. Just the thought of stepping into the garbled mess that is Deadpool’s mind seems amusing to me. As for the art I’m not sure what it is but everyone seems to have giraffe neck. It’s odd that necks stand out on a page but here they did. Normally only Deadpool’s covers his neck and the others have collars but here everyone has long spandex covered necks. Go figure.

Oh the Nightcrawler there isn’t our Kurt Wagner. He’s from the AOA (an alternate) universe, you can tell by the red tattoos. This Nightcrawler isn’t a priest nor is he warm and friendly. He’s hard fighting, hard drinking type. He’s not nor does he want to be Logan’s BFF but he respects Logan as a fighter and leader.

Deadpool Issue 50

Two things here amused me – 1) how Logan tolerates but ignores Deadpool’s prattle. I’d say being headmaster and teaching English Lit as well as Modern History has taught the man when to intervene and when to ignore. 2) Apparently banter is contagious because Fury and Logan take it up. Three of my favorite characters right there.

Deadpool Issue 51

Even the best headmaster/teacher can lose his cool. Deadpool doesn’t always fill in his teammates or even his BFF Bob on what the plan is. Honestly as Bob points out DP doesn’t always know what the heck the plan is he just goes from one fight to the next. Trying to make it all grandiose as he does so. Oh and what the heck is Psylocke looking at in the 3rd panel. It’s almost as if she’s breaking the 4th wall.

Deadpool Issue 52

I enjoyed this. That’s about all I have to say about it. I like how Deadpool quickly infuriates Daken and ruins his swanky NYC dinner.

Deadpool Issue 53

Here they learn the serum only works on Deadpool. I love what he hears in the explanation blah blah blah. I’ve been there in classes before. Also is that the Asian Psychlocke or the British one? I can’t really decide.

Deadpool Issue 54

Here Bob and Deadpool are looking for ‘disguises’  they realized if they dressed like normal people they wouldn’t be recognized.  Tombstone is the villain that made the serum.  Due to various plot twists Tombstone now wants to kill Bob.  Here is where Deadpool begins to realize that being able to die might not be all he thought it was going to be.

Deadpool Issue 54

And that’s how Deadpool became a member of Wolverine’s Uncanny X-Force. He’s working off all the aggravation he caused them chasing a serum that only effects him. Again being the Logan fan I am I have to point out he’s matured. He’s taking the headmaster route here kinda like he did with Quentin Quire, Kid Omega. Also I think DP is going to be some welcome comedic relief in the Uncanny X-men.  Also Logan gets why DP wants to save Bob and gives him three days to do it before reporting to duty.   Oh and I didn’t know claw retraction was SNAKT.  I did know extension was SNIKT.

Until next time peeps!

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