Aaron’s Moving Out II : Will It All Fit?

Aaron next to loaded truck

Glad that’s all loaded.

This Saturday Aaron made a second run up to the house he’s rented with two of his buddies. He’s getting ready to start his sophomore year at Madison. I personally think this is it, he’s moving out. He won’t be home this Summer because he’ll miss Winter semester to go to boot camp. So this was the move of the large furniture. Mike helped pack the truck. Mike couldn’t go to Madison to help unpack because he had stuff to do that day. I’d not be that much help. Aaron was depending on his roommate to help. Only it didn’t work out that way. Roommate was called into work and Aaron unloaded by himself. Still here’s the photos of my son moving on in life. Later this week, he’ll take off in his car to settle into his new home. I’ll probably have photos of that too.

Mike and Aaron consult on what to pack in next

There was much staring at the back of the truck puzzling over how to put the next piece into the bed.

Things staged in driveway

Stuff awaits its turn to be loaded into the truck

Aaron in truck helping pull in frame of futon

Being young limber and the one moving Aaron got to do the interior pulling to load.

Aaron with hand over face

Aaron got tired of the paparazzi.

View between things

You have a tiny view out the back mostly have to use mirrors.

Loading fridge in back seat

Last thing loaded was the fridge for the room. Yes each housemate has brought their own room fridge AND they have a big fridge in the kitchen. Don’t ask me to explain.

Back of truck loaded and tied in

All tied off and ready to hit the road.

7 thoughts on “Aaron’s Moving Out II : Will It All Fit?

  1. I can remember moveing you into the appartment. Rember going around to second hand shops to get furniture. We found some fairly decent stuff. I remember the bed springs even goodwill wouldn’t take. So sad you had to sleep on that thing. I remember Mike and I carrying up the TV console unit.
    It was a struggle but we finally got it up. Then he came up with the bright idea we could have unloaded it and carried a small piece at a time. Sad time to think of that.

    • Actually I’m as excited as he is. I’ve never had that empty nest feeling so many get. My best friend has it terribly. I’ve always looked at it as this is what I raised him to do – leave, be on his own. What would be sadder is if he stayed home in the basement with no job playing video games all day.

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