Comic Comments – Reborn

Deadpool Issue 55

We join Deadpool in issues 55 -57.  The arc is Reborn and Deadpool is.  He’s gotten his wish for Death in a way – he can now die which makes life sweeter.  However being Deadpool he’s not thought about what the other consequence would be.  Some are great others not so great, he sets out to fix one of the not so great ones.

Now for the legalise and credit. All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced. The credit for this arc is as follows: Daniel Way, Writer; Shawn Crystal, Artist; John Rauch, Colors; VC’s Joe Sabino, Letterer; Dave Johnson, Cover; Jordan D. White, Editor; Nick Lowe, Senior Editor; Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief; Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer; Dan Buckley, Publisher; and Alan Fine, Executive Producer.

One of the good things that resulted from Deadpool losing his regeneration ability. He’s got his rugged good looks back! He’s pleased with that. He’s just not comfortable without his face covered after having it covered for years. Understandable and tragic in any one else but in this case it’s funny, being DP and all.

Deadpool Issue 56

One of the downsides is he can now be killed. Even worse he’s lost his edge in fighting because he could always rely on regeneration to fix any damage. Now it’s not true and a simple low class supervillain wanna be can kick his ass. His answer is to go get more training to hone his skills. That leads to an attempted heist of Pym Particles from SHIELD. Except things don’t go as planned, Deadpool is set up but the tables turn and he winds up saving the one who set him up and the wanna be supervillain that attacked him. I love it when Deadpool’s plans come together.

The other downside is that word has gotten out to DPs various enemies that he can now be killed. So once our insane hero had again honed his fighting edge to go save Bob in the three days Wolverine gave him. Except now he has people gunning for him that just might take up his time.

The story is fun and DP is as crazy as ever. He’s good in that he couldn’t let someone who double crossed him die nor could he let a guy that brings a glue gun to a real gun fight get killed. That’s the endearing part of DP. The amusing part is his prattle. That’s classic here from his trying to remember how to shave to wondering why the Trickster wants to work with him. Great DP story – not too heavy but amusing all the way through. This is a great read for the laughs. DP bumbles through like the Mr. Magoo of superheroes. Not only does he save the two but he also foils the robbery. Well worth reading, I’m surprised at the end he didn’t say “I love it when a plan comes together.” LOL!

Deadpool Issue 57

The art is strong for me. It’s got a slight cartoonish edge but that works well for DP given his take on the world. The covers are pretty. Issue 56 has a 1960s feel to me kinda invoking Fury Max covers but with a comical DP twist. I like that. Issue 55 cover has women in the back ground and while I don’t disagree with the concept women would find the newly restored DP handsome it’s not really addressed in the book. His restored looks are addressed but women’s response isn’t. Again a pet peeve of mine, I’d been happier with just him making love hearts to his own reflection. Still it’s a pretty cover.

That concludes our visit with Deadpool for now. We’ll leave him with Dresden Files and Fables to finish their arcs before I write a Comic Comment on them. Up next will be the first arc of Vertigo‘s Fairest entitled Wide Awake.

On to the panels and pages comments…

Deadpool Issue 55

I love how the supervillans get together to enjoy AvsX. Even they think it’s stupid. I think they are stupid because they should be out doing big crime sprees while the heroes are fighting among themselves. There should be massive attacks every where! Not just trying to take down DP.

Deadpool gets his ass handed to him. Yeah not being able to regenerate means you lose a finger.

Deadpool Issue 56

Yes they know who he is. I like that SHIELD’s 3rd trait of DP is annoying voice.

Deadpool Issue 57

Fighting through SHIELD security with a glue gun will definitely put an edge back on DP’s skills. If he survives it and keeps all his limbs attached.

Until next time!

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    • Thanks! I don’t expect everyone to be into comics. You might enjoy looking at the posts about Fairest and Fables both based on the familiar characters of childhood stories as they live and work today in the modern world hiding who they really are. One will be coming up in the next week.

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