Another Visit To Mike’s Garden

A view of Mike's garden

It’s that time of year in Wisconsin where the tomatoes and peppers flow!  Here it’s not like in the South where tomatoes come in from May to September.  They all roll in in a big juicy red & yellow flood.  Though we didn’t plant any yellow ones this year.  Peppers of all types are tumbling into the kitchen in plastic grocery bags full!

Mike is freezing them daily.  I’m eating them so much I’ve got a mouth ulcer from the acid.  I LOVE them but I do wish we’d gotten some yellow ones since they have less acid.  We’ve made salsa, we’ve made gazpacho.  Mike’s hung peppers and chilies out to dry by the yards.  Still they roll in faster than two people can eat them.

tomatoes and peppers from our garden on the kitchen counter

We always have chili on Sundays in the Winter.  We feel good as we cuddle with bowl to watch NFL while the snow flies outside.  It’s extra good to know the goodness came from Mike’s garden that summer before.  He’s the chili master of the house from start to bowl.  I just have to persuade him one habanero per pot is enough sprinkle on dried  habanero if he wants it hotter.  I love spicy I don’t like painful! So our daily work with the garden harvest pays off all year long!

rotting on the tree

We have an apple tree in our yard. It bears every year but the apples have never been good. The squirrels love them except one year. That year the squirrels threw the apples at us. I’m not making that up of exaggerating. They’d sit on the awning over the back door and drop the tiny rock hard apples on us as we left. I think it was their way of protesting the bad harvest.

This year the apples look good from a distance. Then when you get up close where they are apples and not just red peaking through the leaves they are spotty and deformed, not good at all. However the squirrels are enjoying them but dropping the rotting parts all over the yard, garden, garage, driveway, walk, and vehicles. I’m thinking of taking up throwing the rotten parts at the squirrel in protest. Turnabout is fair play right?

unfurled bloom

Flowers didn’t get much attention this year in the drought.  We don’t water grass and flowers.  We do water food bearing plants.  Some flowers get the over spray being just over the fence or path from the vegetable garden.  The morning glories benefited from that.

A few more shots to enjoy the bounty of Mike’s gardens.

Tomatoes and peppers sorted by size and type

A day’s harvest – Can you tell he’s an engineer? All sorted by type and size.

green tomatoes

Beefsteak tomatoes – neither beef nor steak but delicious tomatoes!

ripe on the vine

I love cherry tomatoes. In a salad, cooked in chili, or freshly washed and just pop them in my mouth. YUM!

deformed apple

This apple doesn’t look bad except deformed in shape. I have to say the shape reminded me of a butt. I had to giggle at an apple mooning the apple throwing squirrels.

deformed apple

They do have such a lovely color this year. That’s why they look so good from the street. Come into our backyard and you start to see the flaws. Still there might be a few that may make it being fully ripe, escape the squirrels and become apple crumble. Only time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Another Visit To Mike’s Garden

  1. I like the sound of your chili Sundays in winter! Why don’t you two start a group blog, and you could call it “The Great Gardeners”, that is my opinion of you! 🙂 Also, thanks for the pics, they are wonderful.

    • LOL The in joke in the family is that if Mike started a radio call in show it’s be called “The Ignorant Gardener” He has a natural green thumb and does his best but he trims at the wrong time, plants when the fancy takes him not when it’s the best and still things just go his way. LOL!

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