Moving Out Sophomore Year Part III: The Conclusion

Car trunk packed with various things University of Wisconsin blanket stands out.

Wednesday was Aaron’s last day here.  He spent the day waiting on the car.  Once it was ready from the garage at 5pm he wasted no time in loading that puppy.  I can’t say I blame him.  I remember being so excited to get to a place of my own back in my college days.  I know he feels the same.  Also he wanted to get up there and unload his stuff.  Thursday morning bright an early (5:45 am) he had to report to ROTC for weight training.  That’ll be a regular occurrence on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Don’t worry on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays he gets to report at the same time to run 5 miles.  The first Thursday up there he had to be available to help his girlfriend Sara move into her dorm.

HA!  Look at Dad!

Just as Mike rolled in from work he got to help in the final moving out of his son.  I can’t say a tear was shed because it wasn’t  Not by me, not by Mike, not by Aaron.  We were happy and excited.  We laughed as Mike flounced carrying out the Army uniforms “Look at me I’m in the Army!”  said the old salty Navy Captain.  Aaron was all grins with a car of his own and place of his own to go to.  There hugs and cheers and off he went to waves.

I have to say I don’t feel an empty nest, never got that concept.  This is why we have kids for them to mature and go out on their own.  This was the purpose of raising them not to mother them but set them off on their life prepared.  Empty nest stuff seems so selfish like your kids are there to make you whole, they aren’t.  Kids are just loaners we get for 18 years or so.  We train them a bit and do our best to prepare them then if all is right we watch fly.  The trick is to raise them so they don’t need you.  That’s what parenting is about, making yourself obsolete.

I feel we’ve done well.  At 19 my son has job security for the next 8 years and his college education paid for.  He’s serving his country just like his father as he does it.  He’s got a good head on his shoulders and bright future ahead of him. He’s an honor student in college and has plans for his future.  I have nothing to shed a tear about.   Actually I’m joyous!   Honestly the parents I feel should be crying are the ones who have kids that aren’t moving on with their lives in an independent manner.

OH the places he will go, the adventures he will have and the messes I no longer have to clean up!  Here’ to you Kid you are off to a great start!

Door open to show packed back seat of Aaron's car

he looks over what he's packed in the back seat.

Something is missing….

out of focus picture shows Aaron with his backpack on holding up a cardboard deer in the kitchen

RUSSELL the two-faced cardboard deer! You remember him RIGHT? Well he’s off to college for his sophomore year!

Backpack with computer and gaming supplies sitting in the honored position of shotgun

Aaron leaning on the roof of his car smiling and talking with his father

Until next time!

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