Comic Comments – A Field Guide To Flying Saucers

A lonely highway a red pick up stops to gape at a sky full of Saucers of various descriptions, billboards selling things to aliens, and a caution alien sign

This is a new comic book to me but I’m jumping in at issue 6.  Saucer Country touted this as a good jump on issue and it is.  I’m sorry I missed the past five, I’ve got them on back order.  This comic dovetails into my fascination with paranormal, flying saucers, and the like.  I’ve been fascinated with them since a bulletin board in the hallway when I was in third grade collected ‘true’  flying saucer tales during a big surge of interest in them in the early 70’s.  (These times are know as flap among ufologist.)  I have to say this issue gives a good over view of the classic cases and various theories about what these unknowns are.

First off we’ll get the legal disclaimer out of the way and give credit where credit is due. All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

Credits for the issue are: Paul Cornell, Writer; Jimmy Broxton, Art & Color; Sal Ciprano, Letters; Mark Doyle, Associate Editor; and Will Dennis, Editor.  Other special credits listed are thanks to Mark Pilkington for research help.  Also Saucer Country created by Cornell & Kelly.

I’ve enjoyed reading flying saucer/UFO stories for going on four decades now.  I’m pretty familiar with the classic stories and various theories about them.  The highlights are well summed up in this issue from Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of crescent shaped craft just before the Roswell thing happened to how modern movies change what’s the predominate reports to blurring the lines between what was believed to be nut & bolt alien craft and paranormal occurrences. Even the current rage (I remember the first time it came around & I read Chariot of the Gods) of ancient gods being aliens is hit upon.  It’s all covered here. Cudos for to the writers even in fiction on fringe topics do your research and get it right.

The frame for this summary of UFO lore and history is a lecture by researcher to a Senator and some other people. Apparently the audience had some unexplained experience in the first 5 issues and are now interested in the history of these types of events.  The Professor gives a great history of the origins of the terms flying saucer, little green men, the greys and so much more.  It’s a fun recap of what you’ll see bandied about should you delve into this subculture of UFOs. The frame works well to present it all.  Along the way there are some twists aside – like who are the ‘sources’ the professor refers to?  I’m sure that’ll be built upon in other issues.  What the audience does with the information is another building block for the stories. Will they buy current theories, will they take the dubunker’s perspectives, or will they build their own explanations for what they experienced?  This was enough of a taste to have me add this to my pull-list.  I love a good alien story and have for over 40 years.

The art is excellent!  I really enjoyed the panels illustrating what the Professor was saying.  It gives a rich take on what was basically a lecture issue but instead became a travel through time.  The art is sharp and realistic when it comes to the people but soft and at times cartoonish when it comes to the aliens.  Perfect to walk that line without buying or discounting the various perspectives put forth in the lecture.

Okay I know you are wondering “Is she a believer or not?”   The answer yes and no.  I do believe that most, the vast majority of sightings and experiences can be explained in terms of things we understand today.  They can be such things as hypnagogic sleep paralysis to test flights of secret experimental aircraft.   BUT I do think that a very,very small bit of them are truly unexplained.  What those things are – I haven’t a clue! BUT I enjoy hearing other people guess.  I’ve not found an answer yet that I’ll buy.  In the end I find it all great fuel for the creative engine and inspiration for stories of pure fiction.

So I’m sold on Saucer Country it’s on my pull list now!  I’ve been a sucker for a good alien story for 40 years.

Up next on Comic Comments is Wolverine Noir this was a limited 4 book series telling an alternate story of Logan and Logan Private Investigations run by James Logan and his brother Dog.   Next is panel and page comments.

The professor talks about the classic case of Barney & Betty Hill abduction and Jean Hingley feeding small aliens mince pies

The Barney & Betty Hill abduction is considered the start of the modern alien abduction accounts. It contained many aspects that have become common parts of abduction stories: missing time, greys, medical exams, taken at night on a road, and several others. The map mentioned is true and does work that way but it also works to be a rough copy of a map of the Normandy invasion force that hung in a NCAAP meeting room she frequented. So you can decide for yourself.

The other case referenced here is the Jean Hingley where small sliver clad aliens visited her during the holidays and she fed them mincemeat pies. I do agree that that story with the others in the article I linked to gives Birmingham a good claim to the Weirdest Place title.

Audience member points out reference in story to Alien movie

The professor points out how not only sightings reflect the last big Hollywood hit movie but so do theories. How the SERPO (here’s a short wikipedia summary of that theory) conspiracy theory mirrors that of Close Encounters ending of the return of military men. He laments that he hasn’t found a sighting or theory that matches the hit Alien franchise. Then this audience member points out a connection. This pushes the prof further down the rabbit hole – you’ll have to read it to see what I mean.

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Comic Comments – A Field Guide To Flying Saucers

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    • Comics have change a lot since the. I started out with Little Lulu (remember her?) expanded to the Super Friends and of course Batman then once I was one the super hero road… well it’s all she wrote.

      This one was a fun one since I’ve always like tales of the unexplained. This one was well researched into famous UFO sightings that are still talked about today.

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