We Are Down To Only Two Cars

Mike looking through car ads in the paper

With Aaron off to college and taking his car we are down to two cars, one of which is only driven on special occasions.   Both the vehicles we have are Mike’s, his every day truck and his special occasion 1966 Mustang.  So with Aaron taking his car, I’m down to no vehicle.  I’ve been driving Mike’s truck which means he’s been putting miles on the Mustang.

Mike looking in row of 2013 Chevys

We’d been out once doing some scoping of what’s out there.  I had a Saturn Vue for years that I loved.  It was perfect but it died.  Since then we’ve gotten along with Aaron’s car and the truck.  It was fine since his Freshman year Aaron didn’t take his car to Madison.  This year is different.

This long weekend was the time to find me a vehicle.  We went to several places.    Can you believe the first two not a salesperson approached us.  Nope we wandered the lots looked over styles and at one dealer even walked through the show room!

After several test drives we settled on a Ford Escape.  I love it!  This winter I’ll be all snuggy in heated seats.  I’ve joined the 21st century with voice activate phone and Sirus radio in my vehicle.  I’ll enjoy the sun roof my answer to Mike’s convertible.  So now I’m set to travel in style!  Once I figure out how to use all the things this vehicle can do.

Looking at a window sticker with pen and paper in hand

view of a test drive

grey small SUV in driveway

10 thoughts on “We Are Down To Only Two Cars

  1. Very nice! If I were to buy an American car, I would buy a Ford.

    We have 1 full car and two halves. That is to say, we have a Honda SI and two Fiats. One Fiat is a new 500 Sport and the other is a 1986 Bertone Fiat X 1/9.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ve added you to my list of blogs I read. Just from curiosity, how did you find me?

    • THANKS! For adding me to your list (I’m still developing a blogroll give me time with the class & all). My husband would not allow a non-American company in our driveway. So I wanted a Ford the only one that didn’t come with their hand out. So I guess we are a Ford family now with the Mustang and the Escape.

      I like the Fiats when I’ve driven them (rentals on trips) but a bit small for long travel. My best friend swears by Honda.

      • If we were to buy American, we would buy Ford. Hondas are assembled in Ohio. Actually, the motors in the Honda and Fiat 500 are from Canada and the 500 was assembled in Mexico. We are an International automobile family! I forgot, we also have a Chevy S10 pickup. Art Major drives it but we own it. I guess we are a 1 car, 2 half-car, 1 half-truck family!

        • LOL! I’ve not quite figured out Mike’s idea of American made considering so many are so diversified. We have two Fords (one is the classic 1966 Mustang), a Buick (really Aaron’s he’s on the title with me), and a Chevy truck. I wanted a Ford because they didn’t take handouts. IF Mike wasn’t a factor in the choice I’d open my scope to more offerings – I love the Nissan Cube LOL but I’m thrilled with my Escape so can’t complain.

    • I’m guessing this is the Facebook or G+ message Mike was talking about. LOL! Yes I’m glad to get back into something that’s off the ground and you can see out of – Mom was right that Buick was very low and had a lot of blind spots. Even Mike commented on how much more maneuverable this Escape is than the Buick.

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