Still Working But Behind the Curve

Let me explain without getting to personal – I’m having some minor medical issues, nothing too serious but needs tending.  I’ve been working through the  appointments to have a procedure that’s the first step to address some of the issue.  Let me tell you getting insurance, doctors of various disciplines, hospital departments, and our schedule to all work together is a big job.  Finally I’ve got the schedule date then to back schedule all the pre-op stuff… that was completed yesterday.  It’s takes about as much planning as the D-Day invasion!

Also planning a week long genealogy research trip to Tennessee and Alabama.  On the way dropping Mike off at his parents and picking up my mother.  Which means I have to hire care for the felines and canine family members, make arrangements for garden care, and all that stuff.  Also helping Aaron get settled in while dealing with his house being robbed.  I’m still keeping up with my class and writing while preparing for craft fair season.

With all that, everyday life, and generally feeling icky because I need to get that procedure – I’ve fallen a bit behind.  I think I should be caught up shortly now that I’m not spending eternity on the phone or in a waiting room.  I have a list of topics I want to write about: Pricing jewelry, story of Miss Mo my kitty, photo post of military museum tour, photo post of the golden pyramid house, completed comic book arcs, and a few more topics.  So there’s a preview of what’s to come as soon as I’m not so far behind that I have to look up to see my own tushie.

In the meantime enjoy the serene beauty of yet another rose from our visit to Leu Gardens in Orlando last October.

Macro shot of a pompom rose colored blush corals and yellow

Until Next time!

12 thoughts on “Still Working But Behind the Curve

  1. The rose almost looks like a peace rose – my favorite – light yellow and light pink petals all in one rose. Ditto to what fgassette said. Those topics sound interesting!

    • Thank you so much! I’m sure all will be fine it’s just getting through the process. I like to keep blogging regularly because I need various creative outlets to keep the words flowing in my writing. My blog is a big part of that as is photography and beading. Love to see you had a great trip and enjoying your photographs from it!

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