Asking For Your Help

shot of my desk with notes from WordPress class

Wow, just completed another lesson in my class.

I’ve got lots of thinkin’ to do.  (I’d posted this over at Google+ but thought I’d share it here too because any help would be GREATLY appreciated)

This one was thinking about how search engines see your site.  We are now moving into the aspect of website design to increase traffic to your pages/blog.  This lesson was about keyword use and how search engine spiders look for good use of key words. They have algorithms that discount over use of keywords that wouldn’t be natural & would be deliberate spamming of spiders.   The assignment is to come up with five keywords for our website and work them in naturally to specific locations in the site.  This link was provided by the professor as a tool to see your  keyword usage  as a website spider sees it.  It’s free just put in your address and type in the captcha code to show you aren’t automated and in just a few seconds it generates a list of keywords based on typical search engine techniques.  WOW that was an eye opener to me.

My top five were

2. Continue Reading
3.  Mary Louise Eklund (good my name good)
4. coffee let’s chat
5. Comic Comments (good a repeating column like posting)

Oh dear seems three of my top five aren’t great.  They are really blah stuff that every site should have.  I like my name being there and want it to be in the top five but I’m not sure what other words I should make an effort to incorporate regularly into text, titles, backside search engine fields, and such.

Obviously too much weight is put on the tag line, that’s where coffee let’s chat appears ONCE but the weight it is getting is heavy.  I need to rethink my tagline to represent me.  My thoughts on my keywords are summed up in the following list in no particular order –

1. photographer
2. writer
3. comic book fan
4. hobby genealogist
5. custom jewelry maker
6. Mary Louise Eklund (gotta have name recognition).

So if you’ve stuck with reading this whole post I must ask a favor in the comments.  Give me a list of 5 key words for me that you think represent me.  I just did a quick 6 there.  If you can’t do five then one.  If you can’t do one what  one from my list there do you think is the most important?

9 thoughts on “Asking For Your Help

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  2. I’m still green behind the ears about how this stuff works. I’m hoping some one will be able to explain it in a way I might be capable of digesting.

    When you figure our how this works, maybe you’ll share with us, your readers.

    • Ok I’ll try. I’m all new to this too. That’s why I started at the very beginning class. There are great holes in my knowledge – I ca do a post, post a photo, make a link but that was about it. So now I’m moving on. As I get a handle on it I’ll share.

  3. I know I should pay more attention to this kind of stuff. It gets so complicated and there are so many additional things I could do to drive traffic that I was finding myself spending more time on the maintenance and marketing than the writing.

    • Sorry I had an answer typed out about the time our internet went down last night.

      I agree totally with what you are saying. However having a degree in Marketing I think there is a balance that can be struck. For me knowing your 5 key words for your blog helps keep you focused. Getting readers to help define those terms lets you know what the readers come to the blog to read. It’s about knowing your audience and serving them. I’m a firm believer in doing a good job for your customers (here it’s readers) is the way to grow.

      I was surprised at how much weight was put on the tag line. It’s only used once but in the results I got parts of it were reflected multiple times in the top 25. So that tells me to put more thought into what it says and come up with a concise summary of what I want to do here.

  4. Hi Mary, it’s easy to think of five for you. They are:
    animal lover
    blogger (even though it is close to “writer”)
    wife/mother extraordinaire (sp?).
    Friendly, helpful, beautiful person (so you got more than 5, oh well).

    • LOL Oh I don’t garden I just enjoy my husband’s gardening.

      I say writer as I’ve gotten several professional fiction writing publishing credits to my name. This blog is secondary to working on those free lance projects I hope to sell.

      I do love animals of all kinds. I do like to cook (hate to clean up).

      Not a baker as I don’t like desserts and breads are too bad for my diabetes. So try to go light on carbs!

      Thanks for all the others they are such a compliment.

    • No I don’t think readers particularly think about it, but for them it’s more why do you read the site in one word. It’s one of the tools to help a blogger focus on bringing more of the things their readers enjoy.

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