On The Road to No Where

Mike wearing UT orange, driving his 1966 Mustang with the top down.

It’s become the weekend tradition to go somewhere local on the weekend and do something.  This suits Mike fine, he’s a go-and-see type of guy.  It suits me well as I have to collect ideas, images, and such for posts here M-F.  It’s become known as collecting Blog Food.  Lately the weather has been grand and these outings are taken in the Mustang with her top down.  Doesn’t do much for my hair but makes these jaunts all the more special and enjoyable.

This past weekend one of the places we went was in Waukegan, Illinois.  Not far from here just south a bit between Kenosha and the Navy Base.  On the way there we always take the Amstutz Expressway.  This always struck me as an odd road.  It’s about three miles long.  It is a divided four lane highway with limited access that passes a downtown that isn’t congested.  I pondered the purpose of it and questioned locals about why it existed.

a street becomes a divide limited access highway

Seems like it was a pork barrel project over all.  It was intended to connect to more but the southern neighboring town of North Chicago didn’t build their part.  Then industry that was there closed down and moved so the road lost it’s connection and purpose.  It isn’t much traveled now, just a handful of cars any time I’ve been on it.   It is more known now as a place to shoot car commercials and movies.

Some of the movies shot there were Groundhog Day (when they were stuck on the interstate), Batman Begins (great place for car chases), Ice Harvest (set in Kenosha filmed in Illinois), Blues Brothers (chase scene and awesome movie in general), Planes Trains & Automobiles (“I’ve got my hand between two pillows”) and Transformers (not sure if it was 1, 2, 3, or a combo of them).  So chances are you’ve seen the road to no where on the big screen.

Concrete Jersey barriers separate the directional lanes only one other vehicle is visible on the road

As you can see not a lot of traffic here. BUT it is complete with ramps to over passes, look on the right and you’ll see one.

If you’ve not seen those movies then you’ve definitely seen it in car ads where a car drives on the empty interstate while the voice over tells you how great it is.  Usually that shot is accompanied by a warning about a closed course with professional driver.  Those warnings always have Mike asking me why they put that there when we’ve driven that road just like that?  I dunno Mike, I dunno.  Maybe the road isn’t crowded because only those who can drive as well as professionals dare to take it?

The nickname of “road to no where” is what the locals call it.  I find it kind of a romantic and spooky name.  I’ve cruised the road to no where in both directions and lived to tell the tale.  If you ever find yourself in north eastern Illinois you too can do the same.

Until next time.

A tunnel style overpass where the interstate scene of Groundhog Day was filmed

There are several styles of overpasses on the short distance to give movie and commercial producers choices of back drops.

View of a bridge style overpass

Still going no where but there’s a bridge style overpass.

Looking through the windshield to the road with the logo of the classic Mustang horse on the tri-color bar showing in the foreground on the dash.

If you are going to cruise to no where it’s best to do it in a classic car with the top down. Best way to go no where fast and enjoy the ride.

6 thoughts on “On The Road to No Where

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    • It’s an odd place. Looks so big and massive built for LOTS of traffic but maybe three vehicles max on it at any time I’ve been there. Never seen commercial vehicles on it. Have seen them filming commercials for cars on it…

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