History’s Graveyard

Army truck painted desert brown with the words stenciled in black on the side

Let’s take a break from our trip to Waukegan to go back to the weekend before.  That weekend we went to a place my has been wanting to go for year – the Russell Military Museum.  It’s a local single owner place where the guy collects old military equipment.  He used to lease/rent it out to the large movie studios but CGI has quickly done away with most of that.  The last movie he leased to was Transformers 3.  Just don’t get the offers with the computer graphics as they are today.

Mike wearing his cover from his time on the USS Theodore Roosevelt  and his UT Orange shirt (required for the fall Saturdays) sits in a helicopter seat

Mike was thrilled with the place and talked it up the following week.  I’m not as into equipment as he is so for me touring a restored Victorian house or art museum is more thrilling but I appreciate both.  As does he for that matter, just he prefers the equipment and I prefer the other. Different strokes for favorites  but the ability to appreciate something else too – that’s what makes the world go ’round.

I found it interesting and vaguely sad.  Much of it is in various states of decay. I pondered how many dead or dying men saw these walls as their last things in life.  I thought of the tension and the fear that permeated the sheer steel of the structures.  Now peacefully sitting in flowers.  I didn’t say it to my military husband I did secretly hope that someday all weapons of war would so retire.  I know it’ll not happen, never happen humans aren’t built that way.  Still I wish.

It was interesting to see it all (laughed at the Dog Doo-Doo Disguised Transmitter) and gave me much fodder for the lens.  Be sure to click on an image below and hop over to my Flickr account to see MUCH more.

retired army tank parked in yellow wildflowers

transmitter is disguised as dog doo-doo

high seat for driver interior is white but rusting

Interior of armored personnel carrier

metal helix elevator that carried ammo from storage box to feed gun

Elevator/guide to ammo feed from storage to anti-aircraft gun

looking up at blades of helicopter

a sketched skunk with Little Stinker above it

Original crew art on tank

looking up through wires to seat and harness for pilot

Pilot seat from where nose cone would be. It was removed.

drab green interior of restored armored personnel carrier with IR labeled.

Infrared periscope for night driving of armored personnel carrier

2 thoughts on “History’s Graveyard

  1. I have to agree with you but being a military family I live with it. Yes I think I wound up making about 200 shots that were worth keeping. The textures, shapes, shades, juxtaposition of flowers and tanks or technology and decay, the fading designs were all interesting to me from a photographic point of view.

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