Picking Key Words for Search Engine Optimization

The last post we talked about what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and key words are.  We had a link that would look at our site like a search engine does and tell us what it saw as key words. Now we know key words are how search engines direct people looking for those things to your website. We looked at places we can use keywords that readers don’t see but websites check.  So now we got what they are and where to put them besides using them naturally in out posts.  Now for the hard part – identifying what you want your keywords to be.

That’s where I’m stymied.  That’s why I asked for you help as readers.  I’m trying to define my top five keywords.  The first step is defining what my site is about.   I have one for multiple reasons: to sell my writing, photography, and jewelry,  a form of creative outlet, to meet people with like interests, get feedback from on ideas,  share my love of comic books, and get some name recognition for my published works.

Okay right there I know I want my keywords to include the following

  • my name
  • my published works
  • jewelry
  • my photographs
  • comic book reviews/commentary

But those aren’t going to be five key words.  Okay my name is because that’s not gonna change.  Now to figure out how to sum up what I do in my blog on those other four things in keywords that the search engine will like but not a lot of other websites use the same phrase.  That’s where another link can come in handy.  Google’s Keyword Tool lets you enter in a phrase that describes the concept.  From there it generates a list of keywords but also lets you know how many searches there were for the terms and how heavy the competition is for the suggested term.  Here’s a screen capture of a search I did for  ‘comic book reviews.” (you can click on it to enlarge it)

list of results displaying four columns 1st column the key word 2nd competition of other sites using that word 3rd number of searches monthly globally 4th number of searches monthly in the USA in English

So what does this mean? The first column there are keywords indexed by Google that relate to my entry.  The next column tells you what the competition is like on that term.  This is the number of websites vying to be on that coveted front page of search results.  Next is the number of searches performed world wide for that keyword. The local area set there was the default for my IP address which is USA, English, desktop/laptop.  For some reason Google won’t let you lump mobile devices in with traditional computers.  So here I see the term cbr doesn’t have a lot of competition but it gets a lot of searches – the reason is it’s a well established website called Comic Book Resource .  Great site!  I can’t and don’t want to compete with them on their name. I see that graphic novel reviews is low but gets a good number of hits – that’s very similar to what I do reviews of complete story arcs.  I might consider using that in my tags and alt text on comic book covers.

One place I learned that was heavily weighted by the search engines is the tag line here are WordPress. Here’s a screen cap of my page to show you just what I mean by the tag line – it’s not the tags you mark on you posts.

 You see there where it says “sit down, have a cup of coffee, let’s chat” ?  THAT’S my tag line.  THAT is weighted very heavy by search engines.  I need to think of a new one that reflects those five points up there, need to highlight keywords in that line right there.  When I do those will be weighted more heavily and people looking for the things I write about in this blog can find me.

That’s it.  That’s all I know about Search Engine Optimization and keywords.  I’m not an expert by any means just a novice.  I don’t want to go overboard in this but being aware and doing little tweaks here and there (like a good tagline) can help improve the number of people I’m reaching.

I’m only half way through my class.  Took the midterm recently and made a 96% WOOT! I am sure I’ll learn more as I go.  I’ll be sure to pass on that knowledge.  As I said in my earlier post – explaining a concept to another helps me grasp it.  Trust me this aging brain of mine needs all the help it can get grasping things.

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