Views From A Car

View of downtown Chicago

Here’s the trip south. Chicago doesn’t have traffic early on Sunday mornings. This was about 7:30 am. There’s the WIllis tower (formerly the Sears tower) in the center. It’s rare to see the interstate so empty.

Mike drove most of the 13 hours to my parents.  I drove the 9 hours to Montgomery Alabama from my parents.  Needless to say last week doing the trip there and back plus the driving about to cemeteries and peoples homes – I spent a lot of time in the car.  No matter how great the audio books are or how many channels we got on Sirius, it gets boring being the passenger or driver.  I must acknowledge as a passenger I did more than my share of sleeping.  Still when I got bored I picked up my camera when a passenger and at stops to share the experience with you.  Here’s the photo gallery of 44 hours on the road.

Metra train in Chicago on the south side separates the south and north bound lanes

Here’s a shot of the Metra train on the south side of Chicago where it separates the south and north bound lanes of the interstate

View of the Indianapolis skyline from the interstate

Further south we went through Indianapolis being still early in the morning we didn’t do the by-pass and went straight through. Here’s the skyline which made me think of the good times I’ve had at GenCon.

view of interstate through Kentucy

So we continued south skirted Cincinnati and south through Kentucky. Here’s the road in the Kentucky hills. We did stop in Berea, Kentucky to stretch our legs but that’s another photo post.

View of the ridge from a truck stop

So we arrived at my folks. I got a night’s sleep and set out with Mom to Alabama. Not as many pictures when I’m the driver. However here’s one from a truck stop just south of Chattanooga. This is Missionary Ridge famous for the Civil War battles.

shot of arched bridge over Coosa River in Wetumpka.  The trees are changing color and a white church is in the background.

Our research centered around Wetumpka Alabama for the descendants of Mom’s Uncle Milas. This is the bridge to downtown Wetumpka. If you look at the rocks in the river you’ll notice they are all jutting out in the same direction. Wetumpka was the site of a metor impact eons ago when it was an ocean (the same ocean that has sea fossils at the top of the Smokey Mtns) that is what forced up the rocks in that manner. Several times of the year they have a crater tour provided by the geology dept. from the University of Alabama.

Large white turbine windmill

Between Indianapolis and Gary Indiana there’s a HUGE wind farm.

Wide view of the Indiana wind farm.  Many wind turbines

Wider view of the wind farm on one side of the road but it stretches for miles on both sides as far as the eye can see.

large red industrial building on the southern most port in Lake Michigan

So after a week Mom and I headed north to Tennessee. I met Mike at my folks house and after a night’s sleep it was on the road north to Wisconsin. Here’s Gary, Indiana from the Skyway. I love the industrial ports on the southern most port on Lake Michigan.

view of control house on large crane at the port

Here’s a control house on a large crane at the Chicago port on Lake Michigan. I’ve always been intrigued by this view as we drive by – there’s more shots on Flickr.

Shot of the White Sox stadium from the interstate

I’m not a baseball fan at all. I’ve not been since the big strike of 1994-95. I’m hoping it goes the way it did in the Star Trek universe. Any hoo… here’s US Cellular Field home of the White Sox after they destroyed Comiskey Park.

former Sears Tower

A good view of Willis

Chicag Traffic

HEY MA! This is a busy intersection. psst they were running about 65 mph when I shot this from the passenger seat. This is traffic to me. NOTHING you showed me from Tennessee to Alabama and back met my criteria for a busy intersection of traffic – much less anything in your town even the by-pass. LOL! More shots of real traffic on Flickr.

Then we were home! Hope you weren’t as bored by this post as I was by long times in the car.

5 thoughts on “Views From A Car

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    • The only two where the car was stopped were the Missionary Ridge and the bridge in Wetumpka. All the others Mike was at the wheel and I was bored of riding. Yes they were made through the windows of the car as we were going along.

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