Fall Is Here, Autumn Is Upon Us

A maple leaf turning red with the veins of it still green

A short post today as I have 10 hours on the road facing me for the round trip to Sandy’s memorial. It seem appropriate that mourn with her family in another transition season especially Fall. I take a moment to say if you have never read the book The Fall of Freddie the Leaf by Leo Buscaglia you should. Go to your local library and look it up in the children’s section. Yes it’s a child’s book but when come to facing death, aren’t we all children afraid of the unknown? It’s a wonderful tale using Fall leaves to explain how death and life are part of the same experience. I beg you, do check it out it will help when you are in need of gentle reassurance that death and life are both ok.

With the weekend upon us it’ll be Monday when I’ll be back with oh so much more to share. Take care, tell those you love that you love ’em and go out enjoying the weekend.

Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Fall Is Here, Autumn Is Upon Us

  1. Tell your granddaughter thank you!

    It was good driving but an emotionally hard trip to make. I prefer to remember her on the patio of the hotel laughing with Kathy and me as we soak up the sun. However I’m glad I got to hug her husband John tight and watch the slide show of her life. She’s one fantastic lady!

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