Daniel Boone Tavern – Not What We Thought

welcome mats at the inn

I know Mike and I are aging when he suggests we stop and stretch our legs. Mike is the KING of let’s get there driving. Back in the day a 12-18 hours was a day’s drive to him. Keep in mind he didn’t believe in stops to pee unless the car also needed fuel. All meals were to be consumed in the car on the interstate preferably purchased via drive thru window at the same exit as the fuel/pee stop. I was expected to sleep so I could drive and shockingly this transfer of power took place ideally at a fuel/pee stop. When the press story came out about the astronaut that wore diapers to make the drive to attempt to kill her rival I cringed thinking Mike would get travel ideas.

Ahh but now he and I can see 50 much easier than we can look back to 40 because it’s closer you see. On our last trip south he suggested stopping at the Boone Tavern to stretch our legs. I eagerly jumped at the chance! Yes! YES!! A walk would be wonderful instead of caged in car seat pondering if I lost bladder control in the new car’s heated seat would it electrocute me? But yes heated seats made sleeping on the go more snuggy.

Photo of the Boone underway on the surface

This was Mike’s submarine back when he was a junior officer. The USS Daniel Boone SSBN-629. He was on the blue crew.

So we took the Berea Kentucky exit to the Daniel Boone Tavern. Slight diversion here – Mike served on the USS Daniel Boone SSBN-629 so his interest in seeing a tavern related to Boone was one rooted in his submarine days. We take the exit, fill up with gas, get directions as to how far it is to the tavern, and head in that direction. Signs declare it Spoon Bread Days in Berea but other than that we saw no signs of it. We thought it’d ended earlier on that Sunday.

We find the tavern and are surprised to see it’s a still operating inn. Parking we take a short walk to look it over and are disappointed to learn Daniel Boone himself had nothing to do with the inn. It was just named for him. **SIGH** Oh well we looked it over, I made pictures, went to the bathroom, got a drink and we were on the road again. I did it all at the stop fearing the disappointment might end this delightful new trend. I must note we did not stop to stretch our legs on the way home. Then again we left at 3 am so Mike could be home in time to watch the University of Tennessee football game on TV. We had a travel deadline and couldn’t spare the time to see the first KFC, maybe next time. Until then enjoy the pictures of our one stop to stretch our legs.

The white columned entrance to the Daniel Boone Tavern

The inn was founded in 1908 to serve the college visitors.

flower arrangement in foreground and blue lobby in background

Lobby overview

brick porch with white rockers and lovely potted plants.

Berea, Kentucky

Berea, Kentucky

Berea, Kentucky

6 thoughts on “Daniel Boone Tavern – Not What We Thought

  1. Just give him a few more years. He’ll be the one wantin’ to stop. My wife doesn’t have that problem. I will stop at every Flea Market or Thrift shop I see anywhere.

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