I’m Not In The Mood

I favor Angry Russell even though he went to Madison with Aaron.


After a few weeks of much activity I’m attempting to settle back down into a routine.  Class has started back with assignments due.  I’m moving on to another writing project while the previous one rests before it is proofed.  I could go on but let’s just say I finished one course of life and now my plate is full again with the next one.  Today I’m trying hard to wrap up the assignment get on with the post about the Liberty Graveyard Tour in Salem, Wisconsin as well as compose a few posts ahead.  I’ve got up coming surgery and want some in the bag to make posting regular through recovery.

All these plans involve using my computer.  Since they involve large memory stuff – photos, streaming class, etc.  They require the desktop not the netbook which is fine for the writing part.  However Java, iTunes, and Microsoft all had a meeting last night and agreed to harass me today with updates. I’ve had them shut me down to update.  I’ve had updates fail.  I’ve had the screen go black as they shout at me to restart or accept or stand on my head or whatever.

Now iTunes doesn’t work.  Microsoft keeps insisting it needs to update Microsoft Works which I don’t have.  I deleted it long ago since I have office.  Java is having conniptions and scream it needs to update when it does that’s another restart. I’m in a frustrating cycle of update me so I will no longer work for you.

I’m about to call Geek Squad on them all! Really I don’t have the hours right now to spend with Geek Squad.  Yes I have a subscription   Yes they’ve pull my ass out of the fire more than once (well worth the subscription price) but the shortest time I’ve ever had fixing things with them has been three and half hours.  I have an assignment due before then.  As it is right now I can limp along denying everyone updates, restarts, and acknowledging errors UNTIL I’m finished.

So consider this today’s post – one consumed by frustration and impending deadline with an uncooperative computer.  **glares over glasses**  HOWEVER, I will finish in time despite it ALL!

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