Comic Comments – Pull List Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post updating on my pull list status.  Some comics have fallen by the wayside and others have come on the list.  Let’s look at what I am reading and why.

Adventures of Comic Con Girl #2

If you’ve been to Cons you’ll laugh and nod while reading.

The Adventures of Comic Con Girl had me laughing and nodding.  I’ve been to Cons and I know of what they are parodying.  This is a limited run and fun to laugh at ourselves.  I look forward to her adventures and know if this was on-going it’d drop but for the short limited it’s worth the read.

Astonishing X-Men #53 Cover

This issue Logan IS the bomb.

Actually I’ll have to say it wasn’t Logan being a bomb that brought me back. What brought me back into this title was the previews of this issue. I loved how the team reacted and worked together after the Logan bomb went off. How they supported him and worked with each other to figure it out. I like that kind of X-Men story it’s too much inter fighting and not enough teamwork stories lately. So I went back to issue 50 just before Northstar’s wedding issue. Oh Logan blew at the wedding reception luckily he’d left the tent to walk off his ‘too many canapes’ that were upsetting his stomach.

You wouldn’t know it today since I’m heavily Marvel and Independents but DC and I go way back. So far back that my first word was Batman, not Mom, not Dad, but Batman. However I burned on DC decades ago. I’d tried about every five years or so to make a foray into their titles to be disappointed. However the free Earth One I got with the preview of the Batman story line hooked me. That was a title I liked with just Batman. I put my old buddy back on the list in hopes we can renew our friendship. Would be could to welcome him back with Wolverine and Bigby as a favored hero.

I liked Top Cow back in the day. Then with the buzz surrounding this and the kickstarter project I just gotta see the results. So this went on the pull list. I’ll let you know what I think.

Dark Shadows Issue 8

I’m staying with this title out of nostalgia. I loved Dark Shadows back in the early 70s and this has kept the vibe. Unlike the Depp/Burton butchering of it, this held true to what I adored. So as long as they keep up with the original I’ll keep this on my pull list.

Deadpool Issue 62

Deadpool‘s own title the best of the Merc with a Mouth. I enjoy him as the antidote for the overly serious superhero/villain stories. He’s staying on the pull list for the fun that he is.

Fables issue 121

Fables is a staple of any pull list I ever create. when starting a pull list first on the list is Wolverine and second is Fables. Fables for consistence excellence in writing and art. I’ve never been let down by them in the years I’ve been reading.

Fairest issue 7 cover

The latest and currently on-going spin off from Fables. Just like the main titles have never let me down – neither have the spin-off titles. So I’m on board.

Fury Max Issue 06 cover

I have a handful of favorite characters in Marvel beyond Wolverine. One of the is Nick Fury. When this started set in the 60s with great cover art I was interested and haven’t been disappointed. I’ve heard the tale of Fury in WWII many times but Fury in the 60s-80s not so much and enjoy this take on him.

Gambit Volume 5  Issue 3

Another favorite Marvel man of mine is Gambit. He’s had his own title many times – this is his 5th. I wouldn’t miss it. I’m waiting for the first arc to complete before reading but I have flipped through. I’m anxious to see what he’s like here as teacher by day – superhero thief by night.

Ghostbusters Issue 13

I’m a fan of the Ghosbusters movies. The first DVD I ever bought was the first movie. So I had to try this comic, they had me at John Beluishi as Jake Blues was the guardian angel of Ackroyd’s Dr. Raymond Stanz sold me on the series.

Hoax Hunters issue 4 cover

With the pleathra of paranormal “reality” shows and my penchant for loving those types of stories I had to try out this title. I’ve not been disappointed and it still sits on my pull-list in a well deserved spot.

Marvel Zombies Halloween Special 2012 cover

When Marvel Zombies were introduced I loved them as a novelty gag. I didn’t nor am I interested in a series based on them. BUT a Halloween special SURE! Zombies, Marvel, and Halloween pass the candy corn I’ve got reading to do. I’ll also be getting the Holidays special just like last year. Hopefully I’ll be more timely in reviewing it.

Revival Issue 02 cover

Speaking of zombies – this centers around zombies in Wisconsin. I couldn’t resist. I’ve not read waiting on complete first arc before I dive in. I know it’s been highly praised and is in multiple reprints to meet demand.

Saucer Country issue 7 cover

I read great reviews of this and jumped in at issue 6 which was sold as a good jumping on point. I liked it so much I went back and bought issues 1-5. I’m a fan of the odd and strange. I’ve been intrigued by UFO tales since there was a bulletin board outside my 3rd grade class about them back in 1974. This story is good at weaving in all the classic tales, theories, incidents, and such into the telling. I am enjoying it very much.

Scam issue 1

Okay another type of story I enjoy the heist/scam story. Think Oceans 12, The Heist, The Sting, etc. Scam struck me as being in that vein. I put on the list and was surprised when I got issue 1 that it’s more than a double sized issue. I’ll stay on to see where it goes. So far so good.

Think Tank issue 3 cover

Okay I jumped on this for two reasons 1) awesome reviews 10 out of 10 rating this I gotta see and 2) I’ve had to make similar decision (not so extreme) working in the rad waste industry as a consultant. I’ll be honest I’ve not read them yet again waiting for a full arc so I can judge. But if it lives up to a portion of what the reviewers claim – it’s awesome.

Uncanny Avengers issue 1 cover

I got this to see where the over all Marvel universe goes post AvX interruptus. I hop on and off the New Avengers boat as the title and arcs grab me. I’m not sure how long I’ll stay on this Uncanny Avengers title but for now I’m willing to stay for at least the first arc.

Uncanny X-Force issue 31 cover

I’m on and off the X-Force boat like I’ve been the Avenger boat. Anytime Cable isn’t there I’ll consider it. I don’t like Cable and avoid him unless Deadpool is there then I consider it REAL HARD. So here we have Wolverine and Deadpool my most favorite character and one of my other favorite Marvel men. So I’m on until this title ends at issue 35, which is 4 more issues.

Walking Dead issue 102 cover

Okay I’ll admit it I hopped on this title after falling for the TV show it inspired. Yes they are two different stories with the same characters and kinda the same plot but not exactly. Both are excellent both get my time, neither am I dropping. Good writing will always keep me enthralled.

Wolverine Volume 4 Issue 315

Remember back at Fables I said whenever I start a pull list… well this is the first title on it. My favorite character by far in the comics is James “Logan” Howlett. This title at times rocks and other times sucks (like the most recently completed arc sucked.) At times it’ll be so bad I’ll drop comics all together for years (AHEM Evolution arc I’m looking RIGHT AT YOU) but then something awesome will come and I’ll be back. So this time I put on my barn boots and waded through the last arc of Sabertooth Reborn and hoped for better. Isn’t that always how it is with the one you love they’ll drive you crazy.

Wolverine and the X-Men issue 17

This would be number 3 on my pull list. I love this title and hope, hope that they assign strong artists to it. I adore the growth of character it took to make Wolverine headmaster of his own school. Five years ago we’d thought it’d been Scott but no it’s Logan who inherits Xavier’s dream and carries on. It makes perfect sense in many ways. I love watching it be carried out. I hope this title is around for a VERY long time and sits there on any pull list I make with Wolverine and Fables.

The final title doesn’t have a preview cover released yet – Wolverine Max. It’s a Wolverine title so yeah it’s on my list. It’s another retelling of the Wolverine tale so I might like it if it’s limited like Wolverine Noir was or I might get bored and dump it. Been there done that don’t need another universe to follow… like recent First X-Men title for me. Only time will tell. Check in to my next pull list post and see if it stayed or read the Comic Comments I do and see what I think.

Until next time!

8 thoughts on “Comic Comments – Pull List Update

  1. I usually don’t dress up for Halloween but this year I’m feeling the need to as I’m running a 5k “Monster Dash” and costumes are highly recommended. Then I’m going to a Halloween party that night. So this year I ordered two shirt costumes (because I need to be able to run in a costume so just looking for a top) one is Dark Phoenix and the other is Wonder Woman (with cape!) although I don’t know which one I’ll wear for which event.

    I love your comic comments.

  2. When I was a kid, for some reason I really couldn’t read comics. Truth be told, I couldn’t stand them. Not sure why, but the lay-out just scrambled my kid brain. As an adult, I’ve sort of avoided them for that reason. But your list really intrigues me! And one of my kids (an artist) is really into graphic novels, so that’s pulled me in. She’s shown me Fables … so there may be hope for me yet!

    • I got back into them because my son has artistic talent. When he was in the 3rd grade or so the first Spiderman movie came out and he wanted to read the comics. It grew from there. There were stages as he grew up that the one avenue that was always open for free conversation between us was comics. Now he’s out on his own but comes home occasionally and always asks “What cha got good in comics?” or “What’s happening with….” name a character. Aaron’s the one who introduced me to the humor that is Deadpool. So it’s still a touchstone for us, old friends that helped us through the awkward teenage years.

      Fables is an awesome start! Then it kinda depends on how your taste runs – if you scary or soap opera or thriller or horror or action or mystery. My pull list caters to my personal tastes.

      No I don’t get Spiderman any more and Aaron doesn’t either. Still we see him in the Avengers and around so that ought to be good enough eh?

    • Thanks. It’s something I enjoy doing. I love my comics and well written one give good instruction on how to tell a story concisely but fully. I know not every post if for everyone. Thanks for the compliment.

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