The Black Cord Tangle Has ME!

tangle of black cords to chargers, headphones, and such

You might remember I’m on a mission to clear out my office to make room to think. Today I am tackling the built in drawers/credenza thingy in my office.  Already have a large bag of school supplies going to good will from Aaron’s various school projects through the years.  Found where the double AA batteries I kept buying went.  I swear I’d buy a box of like a bajillion and put them in battery drawer.  Two days later Mike would come and say nope no AAs in the drawer get some.  I’d go look and damned if they were gone so I’d buy more.  Clean out the drawer I found AAs hiding in every stack, nook, cranny, pencil box, etc.  Damn Bamfs!

Entering my office

See the built in drawers – that’s where I’ve been working today.
If you click on the image and go to Flickr you can run your mouse over the image and see comments about that side of my office

Also because I was always the one quizzed on where is there an available headphone I purchased a box, labelled it head phones, put reusable ties in there for bundling up cords, and placed all headphones I found into this box on the shelf.  Seemed a good answer to me.  Well now we were down to one set of headphones.  I thought maybe for some bizarre reason Aaron took headphones to like stock the library’s audio room in Madison or at least every housemate.  Nooo, they’ve been tossed in the bottom drawer of the built-in drawers, cords unbound, all now in a big black spidery mess.

So my dear readers I am untangling changers from long gone phones, headphones that had a safe place to live but went slumming in a dangerous drawer and got tangled, with chargers of unknown origin.  That is where my day has been spent – in my drawers untangling things.  NOOoo! not those drawers get your mind out of the gutter – the drawers in the picture above with messes like the one featured.

I hope to return soon as I have lots of pictures and tours and stuff to tell you about from previous weekends and more coming up this weekend!

Until next time when I’m not so tangled up!

6 thoughts on “The Black Cord Tangle Has ME!

  1. Your father is trying to deal with the black cord mess. He opened a bag of coards that were suspose to come with this thing that tells who is calling and name and phone number in big letters & numbers from a phone call.
    He couldn’t find one that was suspose to be there, what did you do with it. me ?? I haven’t touched it. (period) Well he reads directions and it wasn’t enclosed. I am saving little plastic boxes that food comes in for him to organize his cords in. I think I must have 50 boxes and the cords are in the original box aall tangled up, Cords, Cords,Cords all over the place and not a place to plug in. go figure.

    • I tossed out many that went to things we no longer have. Then the ones I’m keeping I bundled each individually with a rubber band around them. They all fit in a zip lock bag. Of course the headphones once untangled, cords bundled with reusable ties, went back into their labeled box. It was good to get it cleaned out.

      If a cord was missing I’d take it right back to the store with the receipt!

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