It’s been a Creepy October over at Google Plus

This photo from the Haines Museum in Waukegan IL. I made it when we toured the museum. Then for the theme of Creepy October I used Pixlr-O-Matic to add creepy effects.

It all started unintentionally on October 2nd but by the 9th it had become intentional.  Now I fully mean to make it to November 1st.  What am I talking about?  My posts on Google + about creepy stories based in truth.  That’s what!  I’ll warn you I’m a prolific poster on G+.  It’s where I go to share neat stuff I happen upon and where I go to make long rambling posts about the day. But in October I started adding a link to something creepy in honor of the pending holiday of Halloween.

If you’ve been reading for long you KNOW I love the odd, strange, bizarre, and creepy.  Yes sometimes I like to be among those things most like me. As I found myself posting more oddities I thought why not share some of my favorite strange stories each day.  I’d kick off telling about how I encountered the story or what I thought of the story then I’d link to a site that went more in depth.   Then like all things when you try to think of them – uh brain freeze.  Still I’ve made one a day since the idea hit me.  Last night at writer’s group I asked for refreshers on creepy stories particularly ones local.  Now I’ve got a list to keep me going some suggested by friend others ones that hit me as the suggestions were flying.

Here’s links to the Creepy October posts so far:

This gives you a peek at what I do on other streams.  You see Flickr often and my Twitter feed is on the lower right of my posts.  BUT you don’t get to see my G+ so much and thus I thought I’d share.  If you are over there find me and join in the fun!  If not enjoy these posts and the links they provide.  Also if you know of creepy tales based on truth – tell me I LOVE THEM!

Until next time!

7 thoughts on “It’s been a Creepy October over at Google Plus

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    • I’m not into gory stuff at all. Nothing linked here is gory the one post mortum photo they staged him to look as if he was resting and isn’t graphic.

      Since this post I done the ghost blimp – a Naval blimp patrolling the Cali coast during WWII the blimp returned but the crew of 2 was missing. Nothing seemed amiss in the controls of the ship.

      The one today is the famous and beloved ghost in Chicago of Resurrection Mary. In the article about the police arresting the ghost is a good link to the history of the lore and the real women whose deaths could have started the hitchiking and dancing Resurrection cemetery ghost

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