Comic Comments – Deadpool Can Die

Deadpool in a tutu  title Deadpool vs Black Swan

When we left Deadpool he was ‘cured’ of his healing factor and handsome again. Now he’s honing his skills as he got soft healing from injuries. BUT now that he is killable his enemies would like to oblige. Thus starts this three issue arc entitled Blacklisted.

First the legal stuff: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

Black Tom Cassidy whacks Deadpool back toward the reader with a SO-WACK!

Next credit where credit is due: Daniel Way, Writer – Salva Espin, Artist – Dommo Sanchez Aymara, Colorist Issues 58 & 59, Guru eFX, Colorist Issue 60 – VC’S Joe Sabino, Letterer – Dave Johnson, Covers – Jordan D. White, Editor – Nick Lowe, Senior Editor – Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief – Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer – Dan Buckley, Publisher – Alan Fine, Executive Producer.

This story has all of Deadpool’s enemies who have Black in their name going after him.  Black Box a villain that can control electronics uses social media to notify the villain world that our beloved Merc with a Mouth can die. The hi-jinx ensue from that.

This was what I look for in a Deadpool comic – comic relief poking fun at the superhero/supervillain genre while loving it too.  Deadpool is crazy and clueless but talented fighter.  His villains are bumbling and would be dangerous if only they could get it together.  Inter cut with all of this is the constant inner dialogue of Deadpool himself the sane and the insane.  Then add his 1980s action movie quips based on current pop culture and you have a fun read.

Deadpool looks at a tweet on his iPhone from Black Box stating that Deadpool is now killable.

No when I come to a Deadpool comic I don’t want to see character growth.  I don’t want a tight story.  I don’t want top shelf art.  I want DP to be himself, just like Roadrunner is always himself.  I want a romp of a story that’s amusing, fun, and has action.  I want art that’s a bit cartoony or comical at times.  I have to say this arc gave me all of that. I walked away from the story contented.  I got exactly what I came for and it was fun!

**Warning** Warning**Scrolling further MAY result in spoilers as I chat about some particular pages from issues **WARNING**WARNING

DP  phone orders an anti-ballistic shower curtain from Doomsday Depot

Here we have the typical DP gag. Except he’s handsome now and chilling on the couch because he’s afraid to go out and get hurt. He’s getting extra protection gear now that he needs it – like the new shower curtain. I love this I love Doomsday Mart and I find the whole thing poking good fun at the Doomsday Preppers show which I’m sure DP LOVES!

Deadpool is stopped by a cop

Poor Deadpool doesn’t have a clue that he needs a drivers license.  That without his healing factor to keep him going he’s going to have to sleep regularly OR that there are regulations about hauling around an small army’s worth of ammunition.  What I like here is that it is classic Deadpool.  I like how his face is so expressive and comical. Something about those blue Orphan Annie eyes in the last panel broke me up!

Black Box notes that DP will die as he lived "stupidly" after watching DP shoot gasoline from his buttocks & light it on fire to make a flamethrower.

We learn that DP has always been a bit crazy and desiring to be a superhero.  There’s a flash back where we learn as a child he would light his own buttocks on fire when pretending to be the Human Flamethrower.  Well being one who has never grown up, when even a chance DP makes his dreams come true with a gas pump between his legs and taking aim at an attacking villain. Oh, DP you amuse me so in such juvenile ways – don’t ever change.

Until next time!

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